CA Cell Numbers

Yu Minhong personally led the team.

And teamed up with Oriental Selection CEO Sun Xudong and many anchors to launch a full-day live broadcast on Taobao. On the day of the first show, in addition to a 12% discount on all self-operated products, he also launched Received a huge red envelope subsidy, and the categories include Oriental Selection’s self-operated products, gourmet food, personal care and household cleaning products, shoes, clothing, jewelry accessories, beauty and skin care, home appliances, etc. Just one hour after the broadcast started, as of 9 a.m., sales exceeded 10 million yuan and the number of people online exceeded 2.1 million.

In terms of specific products.

Oriental Selection’s self-operated grilled sausages sold 6,000 orders in one hour, Oriental Selection’s Ecuadorian South American white TG Number List shrimps sold 5,000 orders, and Dyson hair dryers sold 1.5 million yuan in one hour. According to a third-party data platform, the average daily sales on the Dongfang Selection Douyin account are also around 10 million. As of press time, the number of fans in the Oriental Selection Taobao live broadcast room has reached 1.04 million. At present, the number of fans in the Oriental Selection Douyin live broadcast room is 30.62 million+. It is not difficult to predict that no matter how big the splash is, Oriental Selection’s Taobao live broadcast will eventually return to calm. Just like Luo Yonghao, in addition to maintaining his top position in Douyin, he was also actively seeking cross-platform cooperation. During the first live broadcast on

The total sales exceeded 150 million yuan, ranking TOP1 on the live broadcast popularity list.

I made friends on that day. The cumulative number of visitors to the live broadcast room exceeded 17 million, but it has been “slumping” since then. Such cases CA Cell Numbers are actually not uncommon. Whether they go from Tao to Dou or from Dou to Tao, the “migration” of anchors between different platforms has become commonplace, and fans have gradually become accustomed to it. It will not be like this again in the future. When live broadcasting first flourished, there would be no big turmoil unless a phenomenon-level figure appeared again. If it continues to open and sell lowafter entering Taobao, it may also indicate that Dongfang Selection cannot “decouple” the e-commerce platform and become independent. The “prerequisite” for Douyin’s traffic support is “monopoly development”, while Taobao is fully tilting towards traffic support at the current node.

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