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How do you utilize online advertising beyond traditional PPC campaigns to attract traffic?

You can also see this text in the browser and in its windows, and when sharing on social networks. Describe the content of a page or post concisely. Use tools like Website Auditor, SEMRush to find out if the titles are very long or duplicates. So, you must rewrite them, so that they are no more than 60 characters. Post: 9 facts that you should never publish on your social networks #Infographic It is important to mention that Google does not only show what you have written in this tag as a title. One of its updates in 2021 addressed this topic. If they see that there is another header or more relevant part of the text, they will show it, for example, the h1 or an h2. URLs must be friendly It is important that what is shown on the web page is reflected in the URL . This information is used to determine the relevance of a page to search engines, that is, from the URL search engines will be able to deduce what the site is about. Although it is a ranking factor with little weight, you should not overlook it.

EMRush to find out if the titles

This element will also help you get more links since someone is more likely to share a URL that contains relevant phrases or keywords. Avoid placing the category, tags or date of the post in this Malta Phone Number List element. The simpler the better. Dynamic URLs are not SEO or search engine friendly. Optimize the meta description The meta description tag is another important aspect for SEO, this is a brief description of the content of each page. It must contain two keywords and it is recommended that its length be between 150 and 155 characters. The meta description combined with the meta title will serve as a call to action in the SERPs . Well written they will help you achieve a higher click rate. Register your website in Google Search Console and Analytics These free Google tools will help you measure the traffic and performance of your website.

Google Search Console and Analytics

You can connect them together to obtain even better data. You can also use Bing Webmasters. In Search Console you can review aspects such as the indexing and crawlability of your website, send Cameroon WhatsApp Number List the sitemap.xml file. Also see if you have technical errors, pages with 404 errors. Improve loading speed Loading speed is a very important factor for SEO. It is one of the signals of Google ranking. You can test this using Google PageSpeed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest . This analysis will tell you if your website is optimized or not, you will be able to see the errors you are making and solve them. Take advantage of WordPress plugins like WP Rocket or WP Smush It, WP Fastest Cache can also help you. In general, to improve the speed of your site you can: Compress files. Use a caching plugin. Optimize images and videos. Usar un CDN (content delivery network). Don’t forget to confirm that your website is mobile friendly.

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