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As we already mentioned, spread the keywords throughout your content. But without going overboard. Use headings (H1, H2, H3…) to facilitate understanding and reading. The title of each post or page must be H1. Most CMSs, like WordPress, automatically add the H1 tag to the title of your post. Include your keywords or a variation of them in an H2. Fill in the meta tags : meta description and meta title. Include brand name and keywords in them. They are important to get more clicks from the Google results page. Regularly publish posts with worthwhile stories and information. Whether they help, entertain, teach or amuse the user. But always with a clear purpose. Have friendly URLs . Avoid web addresses with numbers or symbols. Remove the extra words.

Google you must crawl and correct

They must be legible, so that when users see them they know what the page is about. Optimizing images is key. Make sure the image file name includes the keywords. And, as we already Panama Phone Number List mentioned, that your keywords are in the ALT text. Analyze your website looking for duplicate content. We are not just talking about copying from other websites, but also what may be within the same site. There are tools that can help you find this type of content. To position my website on Google you must crawl and correct it. This usually happens in meta descriptions, make sure they are unique; You can also find several versions of the same page, or when there are two publications on the same topic and they have similar parts to each other. via GIPHY Optimize your links: Optimize the entire link structure of your website . Both internal and external. A good internal link structure will help Google robots crawl your site better. Don’t put too many links on each page.

A good internal link structure will help

Internal and external links are good, but if you put too many you could annoy the reader and it looks unnatural. Link internally to other relevant posts on your website. To related Croatia WhatsApp Number List content, that has logic. And that also helps the user. This way they will spend more time on your site. And this is a metric that can help you position your website on Google. Link to quality and relevant external sites. It is a signal that helps Google determine what your website is about. Avoid broken links and 404 error pages. Post: How to optimize your images for search engines? About your website design: Having a solid internal link structure and offering good navigation for users will help SEO and, therefore, position my website. Make sure your information architecture is logical. You can apply the Silos structure for SEO . Apply a responsive design . Today the use of mobile devices has surpassed computers.

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