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Therefore, to position yourself it is essential that your website looks good no matter where they visit you from. Additionally, Google began penalizing sites that were not mobile-friendly since 2015. Another option that also helps users with slow mobile connections is if you apply AMP or accelerated mobile pages. Include your local identification information (NAP), such as name, address and telephone number. They are basic for local SEO . Don’t forget to use the buttons to share on social networks . Make them visible and easy to use. Thus, if someone who visits your website likes your content, they can share it with their friends. Social signals do not play a direct role in the ranking of your site. But social shares get more people to see your content and, therefore, more links.

CDN compressing images avoiding

Other aspects of on-page optimization A MuchWeb study found that 75% of users would not return to a site that took more than 4 seconds to load. It is important that you improve the loading speed of your Paraguay Phone Number List website. This is a key Google ranking signal to position yourself. There are several ways to optimize the speed of your site, you can start by using a CDN, compressing images, avoiding redirects, allowing compression with Gzip and hiring a good hosting service. Minimize the use of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Consider the Core Web Vitals or Main Web Metrics, which take into account the user experience on the page. Optimizing your website thinking about these is a key aspect for SEO in 2021. You must also create a sitemap and submit the file to Search Console.

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Likewise, in the robots.txt file you can block elements that you do not want to appear in the search results or that could harm your positioning. Another fundamental aspect of on-page SEO is s Cyprus WhatsApp Number List ecurity For Google this has become one of the main factors, which is why you must purchase an SSL certificate. This way you protect your website and users and the search engine will favor you. How to position my website on Google? Off-page optimization Off-page optimization refers to all the work we do outside our website and that can help us in SEO positioning . A very important aspect at this point is to build relationships and network , you must make yourself known outside your website and if possible outside the internet. Nowadays, an aspect that has gained importanc.

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