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Why develop an app for your ecommerce?

How to use Quora for SEO? Now that you know what Quora is and how to use it, you may be wondering how to take advantage of the platform to improve SEO. Research topics for your content strategy It happens to all content creators at some point that they run out of ideas on what to write. Quora adds to the tools that will help you find topics to talk about on your website, blog or other social networks. Using the internal search engine you can locate the questions that users ask about a particular topic. Organize the questions you find and create content that answers each of these questions. Add the keywords you want to position Maybe you have asked a question on Google and an answer from Quora appeared in the results. This is because the keywords on that topic have ranked.

Do a keyword search

Post: SEO Writing: How to optimize texts for search engines? Therefore, the platform gives you the opportunity to include the keywords that you want to position in the answers you give. In Netherlands Mobile Number List this way, there is the possibility of appearing at the top of the SERP. Get inbound links Those who work with SEO know how important it is to get inbound links and Quora is an excellent alternative for this. It is possible to place the link with anchor text. Which means that it helps you position the keyword you want. As we mentioned above. Although Quora links are nofollow , they are still useful for your link building strategy for several reasons. First, they help you gain authority and, second, to drive traffic to your site. One way to take advantage of this Quora SEO feature is to rank new pages on your site.

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It will help you give visibility to new publications and reach people who are interested in this topic. The main aspect to consider when doing link building on Quora is that the links are natural. Don’t include them just because. They need to make sense and add value to the answer you are giving. Get traffic to your website Attracting traffic Chile Phone Number List to the website is one of the advantages of Quora. Even if you give quality answers and demonstrate your experience.It is possible that you will get more traffic from this platform than from the search engines themselves. Consider that the people who read your answers on Quora do so because they have a real interest. If you have good content on the social network, the chances of links to your website following are high.  But it can increase the amount of time they spend on your site, as well as the number of pages they visit. Post: Checklist for on-page SEO optimization 2022 Promote content A content strategy is not just about creating new posts.

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