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What are the benefits of internal linking?

Some other types of visits are also classified as direct traffic in Google Analytics: bookmark clicks; clicks of files, applications or QR codes; text message or chat clicks; clicks from campaigns with an inaccurate tracking code, etc. To gain direct visits to the website, you must constantly make efforts in all traffic channels: working on SEO, launching advertising campaigns, developing social media accounts, sending emails and cooperating with referring sources. Advantages of direct traffic: It is an indicator of earned visitors. Cons of direct traffic: It creates tracking issues as Google Analytics includes traffic sources not defined in this category. Various traffic metrics in Google Analytics Important traffic metrics In addition to knowing the differences between traffic sources and methods to benefit from them, you should know how to track visits to your website.

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Here is the list of metrics you will see in Google Analytics: Users and New Users: The number of all unique visitors and first-time visitors in a given time period. Sessions: The number of visits, including Poland Phone Number List new and returning visitors (100 visits from the same person will count as 1 unique visitor but 100 separate sessions). Source and medium: Where the user is coming from, where the source indicates a particular traffic channel and the medium indicates its general category (for example, Google is the source and CPC is the medium). Bounce rate: The percentage of visitors who do not stay on a website and leave after visiting a page. Average time on a page and session duration: The first metric shows how.

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In addition to these metrics, you can monitor many parameters regarding your visitors: Demographic data: age and sex. Interests: categories and market segments that interest visitors. Geo: Language version of the website and user locations. Technology: devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, etc. Monitoring Egypt Phone Number List traffic metrics against your conversion goals and learning more about your visitors will help you improve all promotion-related activities and get more clicks and interactions. You should always understand what website traffic is from each particular source and how to measure its results across various channels. Increase your website traffic by taking advantage of all sources Make your business known, increasing the number of website visitors and keeping customers closely connected. you must work on all potential sources and engage in activities that are worthwhile in both the short and long term.

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