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What to do if my WordPress website is hacked?

With new versions, bugs, vulnerabilities and any malicious agent that has arisen are corrected. If you do not update your WordPress when a new version comes out, you will be exposed to vulnerabilities. This should be part of your website maintenance . To update it is very simple, you just have to go to your Desktop. At the top of the page you will see an announcement if there is a new version. You click the update button and that’s it. You should also update your WordPress plugins . This way you avoid vulnerabilities, bugs and any security breach that arises. Remember to delete the ones you don’t use. To update the plugins you must go to Plugins . Plugins on the Desktop. There you will see the list and you will get a warning if any is not the latest version available. On the other hand, to update the themes you must go to Appearance -> Themes. There you will see the ones you have and the .

Monitor user activity

It is not recommended to allow automatic updates because a problem could arise on your website without you realizing it. Use HTTPs For maximum security in WordPress we recommend that the use of the Kazakhstan Phone Number List HTTPs security protocol for your website is key. By protecting your connection you will do so with the data. This way your information will be  and attackers will not be able to read what is transmitted, even if they have access to your network. Post: With Google Maps you can see when local businesses are full Having HTTPs is a factor in SEO ranking. And, furthermore, Google Chrome marks sites that do not have the SSL protocol as insecure. You can also use headers with HTTP, this brings an extra layer of protection by restricting the actions that can be  between the server and the browser when the site loads.

Install a Firewall on your computer

These seek to restrict XXS attacks. To install security headers you can use WordPress plugins like GD Security Headers. Use strong passwords This is another routine security tip for WordPress, everyone who has access to your website should use strong passwords. This way you will avoid being vulnerable to hacker attacks. Prevent WordPress Uganda Phone Number List hacking by using this tool regularly to see if your password was ever . You can use password managers to store them, they are not WordPress plugins, but in your browser. When you are in a public place you don’t know who may be watching what you write on your computer. Besides, even if someone accesses your computer, they will not be able to see the passwords. Back up your site regularly Making backups allows you to create a copy of all the information on your site and store it in a safe place.

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