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Keys to creating SEO friendly content

This way you will know if they are considering purchasing a product, if they are ready to purchase it or are just looking for information. In this way, you adapt the content to what they are looking for. The different search intentions are summarized as follows: Informative : when the objective of your queries is to obtain some information. It is distinguished by the use of words such as “better”, “how”, “what”, “why”, among others. Navigation : characterized by searching for specific brand names or products. Commercial : the user wants to find out about a product, make comparisons, but it does not mean that they are going to buy. When consulting search engines they use terms like “best” or “reviews”. Transactional : in these searches the user makes their intention to buy clear.

Keys to creating SEO Organize 

Look up prices or use the word “buy”, among others. Aside from search intent, creating content for your audience also means writing clearly, using visuals, making titles match the Colombia WhatsApp Number List information. The keys that we give you below will make it clearer to you. Keys to creating SEO friendly content SEO friendly content is optimized for SEO, therefore it positions well in search engines and makes your site gain visibility and recognition. So that the publications on your website or blog have these characteristics, implement the following actions. Post: Improve the productivity of your company with the Kaizen philosophy #infographic 1. Optimize for a main keyword and add variations Use a main keyword in each of your texts and include it naturally in the content. The publication must revolve around that keyword.

Earn the trust of users

To locate the most appropriate ones, use the keyword tools . The same search engines can also give you some ideas such as Google’s autocomplete functions and related questions. Additionally, choose some Macedonia Phone Number List variations of the keywords to enrich and give context to the text. However, you should be careful not to include too many. Choose between 5 and 10 secondary keywords, depending on the length of the text. 2. Use a persuasive title Take advantage of the power of headlines to persuade the reader to click on your content. This should include the keyword to indicate what the post is about. If you include numbers and words that denote questions, you increase the chances that users will enter the content. Remember that each title must be unique. .

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