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How to apply geolocation marketing?

If these brands also have a site with good web design , little by little they will become more popular. Post: The best 13 books on Free Online Marketing How to apply geolocation marketing? Geolocation marketing is a technique that any type of company or brand should implement. Especially small ones that want to improve their visibility. Next, we tell you about some platforms and tools that you can use to carry out geomarketing actions. Google My Business Within your geolocation marketing strategy it is essential that you use Google My Business. This application will allow you to be more visible to users who are near the location of your business.

What is geolocation marketing

In addition to providing them with important information about your company. It is a completely free application that integrates its interface with others such as Google Maps and Google Austria WhatsApp Number List Play. You will be able to connect with your closest potential audience. If you create a listing in My Business, your brand will appear in Google local search results. You will also improve web positioning . The application incorporates a small profile of the company on Maps maps where users will be able to see basic information and reviews that other people have made. Social networks The most popular social networks have options to carry out promotions and advertising based on geolocation. Facebook and Instagram Some of the networks that have been leading the way for many years in how to apply geolocation marketing are Facebook and Instagram.

Advantages of geolocation marketing

Both platforms are integrated with Google Maps and Apple Maps. So, your audience can get information about your exact location, how to get there, schedules and much more. Users can use Facebook India Phone Number List Place to search for information about any city. For example, restaurants, tourist places, places of interest and many more. This is a tool that works as a local information search engine. It is based on social rating and only accepts city names as search criteria. Post: How people turn to videos before buying Each of the results obtained after a search shows information of interest about the business, place or event. Such as its opening hours, date of completion, rating from other users and more. Additionally, on Facebook and Instagram you can design advertising campaigns where the ads are shown to a certain group of users who are or have visited specific locations. That is, perform better segmentation for your campaigns using geolocation.

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