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Here you can share photographs, images, short videos and even post statuses. While users have the option to comment and indicate if they like the publications. Post: Tips to improve the home page of a website With Line you can have an instant messaging application and a social network within the same platform. via GIPHY WeChat One of the most complete instant messaging platforms for users and brands is WeChat. It was launched on the market in 2009 with the name Weinix but in 2012 they c it to the one it currently has. Although many of its functions are limited to use only in Asia, large brands with a presence in these regions use it within their marketing plans. In 2019 it had more than one billion users. WeChat has Marketplace, social media and e-wallet functions.

Apart from these there are others

Ideas on how to do marketing through instant messaging apps Instant messaging platforms are an excellent channel for marketing in times of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing due to the Senegal Phone Number List pandemic. In these you can apply different marketing strategies and actions. Some of the ones that generate the best results are: Use them to serve your customers: Generally, users communicate with brands via instant messaging to ask quick and frequently  questions about a product or service, to report an incident. Advertising: You can use different advertising formats depending on the platform. It is important that the ads are very creative and that they are  to the correct audience so that they are not  invasive.

Domain you want to evaluate

Share information by groups: Most of these applications offer you the option of creating groups with a large number of users. These are ideal for creating communities and building customer loyalty. We Egypt WhatsApp Number List hope that knowing the best alternatives to WhatsApp for business will allow you to work through other channels and expand the reach of your brand. If you are looking for digital marketing experts to help you improve your company’s website or its social profiles, contact us to request a quote .Apart from these, there are others that will help you such as: Serprobot. You enter the domain you want to evaluate, the keywords and the region and it will tell you what position it is in. Ranktank. Unlike other tools, it does not give you a list of  keywords, but you must know.

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