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How does Google Shopping Graph work?

You must go to google.com to the section that says “Shopping”. This is located below the search bar. Then enter the name of the product you are looking for in Google Shopping. But for the results to be much more specific you must use the filters found on the left side of the screen. This will help you narrow down your options and find exactly the product you are looking for. Post: Everything you need to know about influencer marketing Can you buy directly on Google Shopping? The answer is no. Google Shopping does not sell products directly to consumers.

Find keywords through ads

It only collects and displays product information offered by stores or retailers that have an account in Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords. How to sell products through Google Shopping? If you Ivory Coast Phone Number List have a virtual store and you are interested in having the products you offer appear on Google Shopping, the first thing you should do is create an account in Google Merchant Center. Then proceed to complete the information related to your company, validate the domain you will use and provide any other information that Google requests. When you have completed the previous task, go to the section called “products”. Here the same platform will show you several alternatives so that you can upload your products with their respective information and thus create a list.

Identify the unique terms a site uses

The name, price, images or photographs, link to the site where the product will be available are some of the data that you must enter. After you have uploaded all your products you must wait for approval from Spain Phone Number List Google. Once you obtain it you will be able to see your products on Google Shopping. From this moment you must work to make them more relevant and appear among the first result options. This works in a similar way to when you are looking to position your website on Google. Now that you know more about Google Shopping Graph, you can take advantage of all the functions and benefits that this system offers to ecommerce. To create effective online marketing strategies for your online store, contact us. We offer different services, you can request a quote without obligation.

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