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What are some unconventional ways to drive traffic to a website?

.Creative content ideas for Instagram Keep the stock of your virtual store updated and visible . You can add extra information about the products such as “order on the way” or “back in stock soon.” On the other hand, you must tell the customer when their order has been prepared and shipped. In addition to the time it will take to reach its destination. You can provide this information to users through different channels, such as email or WhatsApp Business features . Make sure your website is responsive More and more users are making virtual purchases using their smartphones and other mobile devices. That is why it is very important that the web design of your ecommerce is responsive. This must be well optimized so that it does not generate any type of problem for customers when browsing it or making a purchase.

Products from other stores before making

Encourage your users to review When users search for products or services to satisfy their needs or tastes, in most cases they review reviews of these and opinions of other consumers. Customer reviews of your products Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List or company processes are a source of information for other users and for your brand . If a large percentage of customers consider that the quality of your products and services is good and reflects this in comments and ratings on the store’s website, social networks and other channels, interested users will take it as a reference that they will use as an element of comparison. with products from other stores before making a purchasing decision. On the other hand, if there are complaints or recommendations, the ideal is that you take .

Audience and the geographical area

By applying these tips to improve the purchasing process of your e-commerce, you can provide a better experience to your customers and increase your company’s sales progressively. If you want to Israel WhatsApp Number List optimize your virtual store, contact us to request a quote for our services. Contests are also an effective way to attract customers. The entire process can be online and the prize delivery in the store; always taking care that there is as little contact as possible. By having the customer go to the store, it is possible that they make some additional purchases. Advertise on Google and social networks Paid ads will also help you get more customers to your store. But you must make sure you configure them well, making the most

What role do online directories or listings play on the content

That is why it has been  that placing emojis in meta titles and meta descriptions captures attention and increases the click rate. Therefore you attract more traffic . If you use emojis in your rich snippets, your page will stand out in search, therefore attracting more users . And your click rate will grow. As we Google provides answers to searches with emojis, this is because they work to understand how users use language and their behavior. These characters are a form of modern communication. SEO tips that you should apply in 2018 – Part I A Google patent states that “Searching users are often the best judges of relevance, so if they select a particular search result, it is likely to be relevant, or at least more relevant than the other alternatives.

Place another one based on

Can increase search relevance Google always says that its main objective is to give the most relevant results to users. And if it is natural to include emojis in certain situations, they will take it into Brazil WhatsApp Number List account. For example, if you are talking about emojis or food and you have characters available that represent it, you could use them. Google shows emojis in the SERP if they are relevant. In the same way that it shows the title that you  and if it does not seem relevant, they place another one  on the content of the page. They help local SEO When users search on their mobile phones they tend to write very quickly and short. Keyboards like Gboard offer to place emojis when you type a word.

on the content will see

Improve user experience Google is known to take user experience as a quality indicator and ranking factor. Using emojis can improve the user experience, they are  beautiful, friendly and people identify with them. This Venezuela WhatsApp Number List will give you faster results and you will be able to do faster searches as well. Post: How to use Google Chrome Dev Tools In addition, it offers results using the same emojis. If a person searches with these characters and receives a result that includes them as well, they will have a better experience. You create better connections with users You will be able to gain the trust of users if you use the same language as them . They create a deeper connection with users through them. Although some say that this is a fad, the truth is that emojis have become a form of expression.

Why use emojis in titles and meta descriptions

Google allowed emojis again in its SERPs and that is why at positioning-web-salamanca.com we explain the reasons why to use emojis in titles and meta descriptions . Plus, we tell you how to do it. Keep reading to learn more about this topic. Table of Contents How to include emojis in your title and meta description Steps to insert emojis into your metadata in WordPress Why use emojis in titles and meta descriptions Increase click rate Can increase search relevance They help local SEO Improve user experience You create better connections with users Should emojis be in your titles and meta descriptions? How to include emojis in your title and meta description Emojis are symbols that are universally .

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

The method of editing the metadata, that is, the meta title and meta description, to add emojis will depend on the CMS (content management system) you are using. If you want to add emojis Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List in your titles and meta descriptions in WordPress you must know how to do it, according to the plugins you have. Steps to insert emojis into your metadata in WordPress Use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress or the All in One SEO. Its free version offers many options and will facilitate your web positioning strategy. Among them, it allows emojis in the metadata. Then visit the website www.amp-what.com where you can see all the emojis available. You can search for the ones you want using English words. There you can copy the emoji if you click on it.

A difference whether

They will serve in any field where you write the metadata. You add them manually in this one. Post: Positive effects of having better loading times on mobile phones Why use emojis in titles and meta descriptions Kenya WhatsApp Number List Google’s Johm Mueler has explicitly said adding emojis to your metadata won’t cause any harm . Although there are still many debates on this topic. This type of character is becoming more and more popular. And they make an impact on SEO and PPC. There is a difference whether you do it or not. If you search in Madrid” or “ near me” you will see real results about this. Or if you type “Kevin you will find results about the actor Kevin Bacon.

Can hosting virtual events or webinars help

Check the links on your site Use a tool to check your website’s backlinks, such as Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic. You will be able to see if you have incoming links that lead to pages with 404 errors, decide if it is worth reviving those pages or doing a  Check internal rCheck that your website has well-made r from the HTTP to HTTPs version of your site. This is done through a 301  which is permanent. Post: Google the guide to evaluate the quality of a site – Part II Use these redirections also for old pages, for example, if you use a landing page every year for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday you should redirect from the previous ones to the new ones.

Update the plugins and themes

Protect your website Making regular backups of your website, ideally daily, will give you greater security. You don’t have to do this manually, there are plugins for WordPress that you can Bolivia WhatsApp Number List program. Although the ideal is that you have a backup made manually, which you save on an external hard drive. You could also make backups in cPanel. Update the plugins and themes of your WordPress website . Many times these changes are made for security reasons, so it is key to the protection of your site to keep these elements up to date. You can also scan your website for viruses and malware, although if there is a serious problem it will most likely appear in Google Search Console, it is best to prevent it.

WSebinars-help Update the plugins

This gives a better experience to users and is taken into account as a ranking factor. So you should do everything you can to improve the speed of your site. Some quick and easy tasks that will help you improve Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List your site are optimizing images, checking the speed of your hosting , and getting a better plan if possible. Additionally, you can optimize your website for Google’s C they are not yet a ranking factor, they will be very helpful for your SEO and user experience. Knowing how to prevent problems on your website before. Christmas will be key if you want to get more traffic and sell more this season. Contact us if you need help optimizing your site.Check your site speed In these times. If you want to sell more, your website must load well and very quickly.

How do you utilize content repurposing

This is related to the low text/html ratio. The pandemic probably won’t affect December shopping . So it is best that you know ways to prevent problems on your website before Christmas. Infographic font How to prevent problems on your website before Christmas The ideal is to start your SEO strategy for Christmas about three months before, even in the previous six months you could take small actions. Because changing content, auditing your site, improving structure, among other tasks, are best done during lower traffic seasons. But you still have time to do small things that will help you improve your traffic and therefore sales.

Problems that your website

In addition, they will allow you to have a secure site for the months of greatest sales. Above we mentioned the errors, these should be priority. But you must correct them through small tasks or Benin WhatsApp Number List projects. As we already said, no very important changes if December is your peak sales season. The ideal is to start by identifying those errors and problems that your website may have . Use some tracking program or even Google tools. Options such as Page Speed ​​Insights, Screaming Frog, Website Auditor, among others, will help you. Post: SEO optimization tips for Magento There are different options to determine different problems. After analyzing your site, create a list of small maintenance tasks and improvements. Simple errors on your site Some problems such as 404 errors, redirects.

Point to those pages Errors detected

These aren’t big changes to your site, and they will help you avoid losing traffic. For example, arranging the title tag is key; if it is very long and Google shortens it in the SERPs, people may not understand what Jordan WhatsApp Number List your website or page is about and will not click. If you have 404 errors, make redirects if necessary or correct the links that point to those pages. Errors detected by Google Search Console Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO, you must know how to use it well and take advantage of it. This will tell you if your website has any errors and how to correct them. Shows problems in structured data. These are some of the trickier ones, they need to be fixed by a developer. Correcting these errors that Google Search Console detects will help you in your positioning.

How to prevent problems on your website before Christmas

Positioning your website organically in Google and other search engines takes some time, so when the months of greatest sales arrive and the holidays approach, it may not be time to start an SEO plan from scratch, but you can carry out tasks to prevent problems in your website before Christmas . Keep reading at positioning-web-salamanca.com and put them into practice. Table of Contents Most common SEO errors on websites Other errors How to prevent problems on your website before Christmas Simple errors on your site Errors detected by Google Search Console Check the links on your site Check internal redirects Protect your website Check your site speed Most common SEO errors on websites To ensure that your website is positioned in search engines, SEO optimization is key. There are aspects that are easier to optimize and other technical ones that are a little more complicated for website owners.

Identical pages such as with without redirects

Some of the most common SEO errors or problems that websites face are: Duplicate content : This can happen for a variety of reasons. In e-commerce when they are starting out, it usually happens that they copy the Belize WhatsApp Number List descriptions of the manufacturers’ products. It may also happen that you have duplicate content internally, two identical pages such as with without redirects. Lack of the alt attribute in images: it is very common, this text tells Google robots what the image is about. They are not able to see the photo, but rather interpret it through that text, which is why it is very important for your SEO. Another problem associated with images is when they are not visible. They can be damaged for different reasons.

Delete a page within your website

Failures in the meta description : although this element is not a ranking factor, it affects the number of clicks you receive. A common mistake is having duplicate or missing meta descriptions. Post: Checklist Iran WhatsApp Number List to improve the loading speed of your site in 2019 Other errors Broken links : another big SEO problem that affects your positioning. They can be internal and external, if you link to sources you should check that those sites continue to work from time to time, and if you delete a page within your website make sure to make redirects. The title or h1 of each page is key in SEO : it prevents it from being the same as the meta title, from having several h1s or from having none at all. Content problems : avoid pages with few words on your website, products or services must have good descriptions.

7 tips to create a perfect website

EDAt positioning-web-salamanca.com we give you 7 tips to create a perfect website. Discover what aspects you have to take into account when designing a website for your business. Keep reading! Table of Contents More and more businesses have a website 7 tips to create a perfect website 1. Hire a quality web server 2. Design a consistent website 3. Offer visual hierarchy 4. Facilitate web navigation 5. Create a responsive web design 6. Generate interesting content 7. Position the web page More and more businesses have a website Without a doubt, the implementation of the Internet and new technologies in society as a whole has been a turning point for the business sector, since the majority of businesses have decided to take the digital leap. That is to say, the number of companies with a website has grown exponentially in recent years, due in large part .

Options is SSD hosting at Web empresa

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more businesses are interested in designing websites, since they have become an excellent channel to attract clients. But what factors influence the creation of a Belgium WhatsApp Number List website? For example, choosing web hosting is very important if we want to have a fast and secure website. In this sense, one of the best options is SSD hosting at Webempresa . And today, Webempresa is one of the most secure and reliable hosting on the market, something that is fully  by its long experience in the sector. Another good proof of the success of this hosting provider can be seen  in the more than 58,000 clients who have to hire their services. But businesses should also look at other aspects when creating a website.

Offer visual hierarchy One of the most

However, on the Internet there are other alternatives, such as nginx.com , which is  one of the best web servers – high-performance, lightweight web server/reverse proxy. 2. Design a consistent Japan WhatsApp Number List website Design is probably one of the most important aspects to take into account when creating a website. Since it is the final result that clients will see. Therefore, the website must be consistent, that is, the pages must respond to a common general structure. This web design task is essential, since it says a lot about the image of the companies – colors, styles, registers, etc. Offer visual hierarchy One of the most serious mistakes that companies make on websites has to do with the hierarchy of elements. For those who are unaware, websites must be correctly structured, both for customers and search engines. Poorly organized web pages.

How can you optimize for mobile to attract traffic?

The options that the platform gives you are: Send to everyone. To users who are not in the database or contact book. To all except some numbers you specify. Only send to the recipients you indicate. Create a catalog To improve the customer experience and facilitate your interaction with them, we recommend creating a catalog of products or services. Making a WhatsApp catalog is very simple. You just have to go to “Business Tools” and select the “Catalog” or “Add item” section. You can upload photos from your mobile gallery or use the camera option to take them at that moment.

Publications on the profiles

You should also add a brief description of each product or service you offer. Prepare your clients Many users may consider WhatsApp Business campaigns a bit intrusive. For this reason, we recommend Belarus WhatsApp Number List that you carry out outreach actions or make it known that your company now has a company profile on this platform. You can make publications on the profiles of other social networks of the company where you not only indicate that the company will now provide services through WhatsApp Business, but also the benefits that they will obtain.

Interest in a certain product

You can also notify your clients, partners and suppliers that they can now establish communication through this channel through emails. Latest WhatsApp Business updates One of the updates that will be Jamaica WhatsApp Number List  implemented within the platform in the coming months is that of a button that will facilitate the purchasing process of a user who shows interest in a certain product. This will automatically take you to the catalog without having to go to the company profile. The button will be located where the voice call button is located. While the latter can now be found within the “video call” option. Start applying these tips on how to use WhatsApp Business in digital marketing and improve your strategy. If you are looking for a team of professionals in different areas of online marketing to boost your brand, contact us to request a quote .

Are there any strategies for leveraging partnerships with local businesses to drive traffic?

Specify the hours of operation, the category to which your company belongs, and some contact information, such as email and social media profiles. Build your database This is one of the most important steps to start using WhatsApp Business in your online marketing strategy. You must have a database or contact list to be able to carry out a campaign through this means. To obtain the phone number and other types of data from your clients, you can use other marketing strategies on your website or blog. For example, offering you some exclusive content in exchange for some contact information. Post: 8 Keys to developing a successful app for your brand Make good segmentation Segment your database or contacts by customer type, interests, location and other factors.

Determine what type of information

This will allow you to create content and have  communication with each section. To help you improve segmentation, create WhatsApp groups . In them you can generally share information Bahrain WhatsApp Number List about your company, products and promotions that might be of interest to a group of customers with specific characteristics. An alternative to increase your contact list is to invite users who might be  in receiving the information you share through them to join the groups. You can share the link to the group on Facebook, Instagram, your website and other channels. Define the information you want to share You must determine what type of information you  . The content must be original and awaken the curiosity and interest of your contacts. Take advantage of all the resources that the platform offer.

User submits certain keywords

You can also share information in different digital content formats and links. Set esponses In WhatsApp Business you can set esponses from the settings. Create a welcome message Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List for your new clients. These are only sent when a user writes to you for the first time or if more . It is also a good idea to create an away message that is sent when a user writes outside of  business hours. Or in case the company is not operational by that means at that time. Another option is to create quick responses that are sent when the user submits certain keywords. If the contact enters “thank you” or “goodbye” you can configure an automatic response that reads.

How to use WhatsApp business in digital marketing

Successful in the digital world you must have a presence within the platforms that your target audience uses the most. At Web Positioning Salamanca we explain how to use WhatsApp Business in digital marketing, because this is one of the most used applications today. Table of Contents What is WhatsApp Business? How to use WhatsApp Business in digital marketing? Create a company profile Build your database Make good segmentation Define the information you want to share Set automated responses Create states Create a catalog Prepare your clients Latest WhatsApp Business updates What is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp Business is a free application for Android and iOS mobile devices. This was designed so that medium and small businesses can improve interaction with their customers and provide them with more personalized attention. Among the most interesting .

Information about your company or brand

Messaging tools: It also has the basic instant messaging functions of the common WhatsApp version. Automation options: You can define the time at which a series of messages will be sent. If you still don’t use Bahamas WhatsApp Number List WhatsApp Business, we give you some reasons to start doing so: Generates trust: When customers interact directly with the company they feel much more secure. They also receive personalized treatment, which makes them feel important to the brand. You get statistics: Unlike the traditional WhatsApp version, Business allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns within the platform through data on reading, sending and receiving messages. Automation options: Automatic messages make interacting with customers easier. And you can provide them with immediate answers. Post: Strategies for your business to overcome.

Using this platform within your marketing

You will also offer a better experience to your audience and thus you will be able to receive more visits to your social profiles, your site and improve its web positioning indirectly. How to use WhatsApp Italy WhatsApp Number List Business in digital marketing? If you want to start using WhatsApp Business in your business and enjoy the large number of options it offers you, we recommend you follow the following tips. Create a company profile The first thing you must do is download the application, access it and accept the terms, privacy policies and conditions. Then verify the phone number you are going to use to create the account. We recommend that you do so using an exclusive line for company matters and not personal ones. Next, you must enter the basic information about your company or brand that the application requests.

How can social media engagement be used to attract traffic?

The shipping address and invoice shipping information appears. You see a summary of the purchase, showing amounts, address, among other details. Then, the data for payment must be . Add a discount coupon if they have it. And finally, the purchase is made. Customers receive a confirmation message and an email. via GIPHY Tips to improve the purchasing process of your ecommerce One of the best ways to increase sales in a virtual store is by working to improve the purchasing process. That’s why we will give you some tips so you can start optimizing it. Post: The Video Network, make video marketing accessible to SMEs Provide the necessary information Many times customers arein purchasing the products or services you offer.

Different payment methods Customers

But by not obtaining the necessary information on these or regarding the purchase conditions, company policies and other aspects in time, you decide not to continue the process. You should make sure you provide Austria WhatsApp Number List the most relevant data in the early stages of the purchasing process . Indicate how shipping costs are  the return conditions, the approximate arrival time of the order and other types of information that are of interest to the consumer. Allows different payment methods Customers like the ease and convenience. That’s why offering them their alternatives to pay for their purchase will help you increase conversions. When a user must choose a payment method with which they are not familiar, they generally experience difficulties in the process.

Demands of a greater number of users

Some even choose to abandon the shopping cart, since they do not feel comfortable or safe making transactions through unknown channels. There are many secure payment options that you can include in your Indonesia WhatsApp Number List store such as PayPal, credit cards, Google Pay, cryptocurrency payment and others. The more you place, you will be able to satisfy the needs and demands of a greater number of users. Guarantee data privacy  if they feel it will be  securely. Let them know that the process is secure and private through indicators or small notices. You must have an SSL certificate.

Tips to improve the purchasing process of your ecommerce allow purchases

If you manage a virtual store and want to increase sales, these tips to improve the purchasing process of your ecommerce that we bring you from Web Positioning Salamanca will help you. Providing a better customer experience when purchasing your products or services is an infallible strategy. Table of Contents Advantages of having an ecommerce You reduce costs. You can make sales at more flexible hours You know your audience better Better use of time What is known as the online purchasing process. Tips to improve the purchasing process of your ecommerce Provide the necessary information Allows different payment method. Guarantee data privacy Provide you with information about the status of your order .

Make sales at more flexible hours

You osts Having a physical store and managing it is quite expensive, since you must take into account aspects such as the purchase or rental of the premises, payment of services and taxes, employee salaries and o Australia WhatsApp Number List thers. While having an ecommerce these costs are r and some are  because it is not necessary to have a physical space to display the products, although you will require one to store them. You can make sales at more flexible hours If you have a well- and  ecommerce, users can make purchases 24 hours a day. All year round. They can even do them from anywhere in the world. And using any device. This allows you to reach a much wider audience and satisfy their purchasing  quickly and easily.

Many administrative jobs that are done

It You know your audience better One of the best advantages of having an ecommerce is. That you can obtain a large amount of information about your target audience India WhatsApp Number List and customers. This allows you to improve different aspects of the purchasing process. The growth of the company in general.Better use of  Which takes away your time to do other important tasks. In ecommerce you can automate a large number of processes . This allows you to distribute and take advantage of time in actions to improve digital marketing, customer service.