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What role does email marketing play in changed over

In the year the user will be more important, how your website facilitates their life, their search and, therefore, you must optimize it with this in mind. Considering aspects such as: How well and quickly the pages load. How long it takes for pages to be ready for interaction. If the website is easy to use and navigate on mobile phones. The security of the connection to your website. In short, you should incorporate page experience into your SEO goals. This will help in rankings, due to the algorithm update that is coming, and will also improve your conversions by offering a better experience. Post: What is known about the December update of the Google algorithm The SERPs will continue to change The way the SERPs work has changed over time. Payment notices have more space, as do the boxes with related questions.

SERPs work has changed over time

And now you see videos even about the first place, and if not, then at least in the middle of the results. There has also been an increase in the number of no-click, or zero-click, searches. In these you can get Vietnam Phone Number List answers without having to visit a site, on the same Google results page. This makes SEO strategies more difficult. The knowledge panel will become increasingly relevant. Google entities will become more important. So you must make it clear to the search engine who you are, what you offer and what purpose you serve your audience. You could start by seeing your brand as an entity, improving its digital presence. Optimizing your Google My Business profile, improving your presence in databases like Wikipedia, and more. This way you can appear in the Google knowledge graph .

SEO trends for 2021 Voice searches

As for entities and content, it is important that you use them within the text, since Google has improved its natural language analysis tools. Algorithms better understand what users are searching for, beyond Greece WhatsApp Number List keywords. Although keywords will continue to be used, it is necessary to understand the entities and topics related to the search. Other SEO trends for 2021 Voice searches will continue to be important. Therefore, you must create conversational, more natural content. As well as using long-tail keywords. Local SEO will be more important. Google estimates that 4 in 5 consumers do local searches. You must add your business information to directories and manage your reputation. It will be more important to analyze consumer behavior, beyond just looking at keywords.