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In fact, Jasper is so good at AI copywriting that it is taking over the marketing world and helping people produce. SEO content and blogs in a fraction of the time they are used to. I am one of the happy Jasper users who have used this tool to help write copy for my clients – blogs.  Advertisements, service pages and much more. Because of my own enthusiasm, the quality of this tool and what it might benefit someone else, I felt almost obliged to dedicate a blog post to it. And no, don’t worry, this praising blog was not written by Jasper (directly to a cost-benefit calculation? look here) In this article you will find.

What is  WRITE CONTENT UP  Jasper AI?

The artificial intelligence copywriting assistant Jasper is writing software built on Open AI’s GPT-3 API . On top of this, their own AI models have been used to make text generation as good as possible. The result: you can (partly) automate the writing USA Mobile Number Database  of content. AI copywriting differs from traditional copywriting because. It helps you with everything that has to do with copywriting, not just articles and blog posts. From email newsletters, to social media posts, press releases, web pages and much more! And where you first have to brief a copywriter and then hope that your idea is understood. With Jasper you always have control over the meaning of the story.

Curious about an impression of this writing assistant based on artificial intelligence? Watch this video soon!

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Jasper.ai was previously called Jarvis.ai and before that Conversion.ai. They didn’t have the name Jarvis for very long, but they had to say goodbye to it due to copyright issues with Marvel. The Jasper team has made a number of acquisitions in recent years Australia Phone Number List  to make their product the best it can be. Such as the acquisition of Shortly AI , a copywriting tool with which you can let the AI ​​continue writing your text. And the acquisition of Head lime , a Dutch company that specializes in creating the best converting headlines. As a result, the Dutch of this AI copywriter has improved a lot.