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A comprehensive update In Search Engine Journal, they compiled

Then there was calm and volatility  on December 9. Some recovered positions, others cto fall. Compared to other Core updates, its impact was very similar to May of this year and August 2018 (Medic Update). The latter was very important and affected many places. Graphic source:  A comprehensive update In Search Engine some websites toJournal, they  the opinions of different experts on the subject. And most observe that there are no obvious factors that or any changes that stand out. But they do think it could mean something  to natural language processing. Post: 7 SEO tips for online stores that you should know All of this is speculation, because the variations  by this December 2020 update are still being analyzed.

Most affected the some websites to

It’s difficult to know specifically what with a broad core algorithm update. Unless each  site is  separately. On the other hand, Search Engine Land collects data from different sources to Uganda Phone Number List show that it was a “big update.” For example, RankRanger indicates that it was more important than May, because it shows more changes in some areas in the top 3. Regarding volatility by industry, it is quite similar, there were fewer changes in the top 3 and top 5 in the travel niche, but more in health, finance and retail. On the other hand, SEMRush saw that changes in computer searches most  the areas of health, real estate, travel, finance, law and Government. While in mobile searches, the variations were in health; laws and Government; jobs and education; pets and animals, and real estate. The SERP’s SEMRush sensor shows a rating .

Google recommends good practices

Then, on December 18 it has another peak, with 8.2. How to react to an algorithm update Regarding, what to do when  with an update to the Core of the algorithm? Google’s response is the same as always, read Georgia WhatsApp Number List in its blog on Google Search the post “ What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates ”, which in Spanish translates as “What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates”. Google”. This document was last in August 2019. So what Google recommends as good practices has not  in over a year. Post: What you should know about Google crawling and indexing They clarify that algorithm updates do not affect specific pages or sites. But they are changes that they make to their system. And it can even cause some websites to improve.