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What role do lead magnets or gated content play in attracting traffic?

We already mentioned that you should include social buttons as part of your web design, but this is not all, ask users directly to share the post or express their opinion. Contact influencers Influencers are a new trend in search engine marketing. It can be a person or a company, it should always be in your niche. It doesn’t necessarily have to have millions of followers, but it does have to reach your target audience. A very easy way to access them is to mention them in your post. Then, you contact them by email or mention them on a social network. So there is a high probability that they will mention you and your post. Another option is to reach out to influencers you know and share your content. Latest tips to position my website in the top positions on Google We already mentioned within on-page SEO that content is a vital part of your web positioning strategy.

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The key today is to publish long, natural, easy-to-understand content. It is essential to quench people’s thirst for knowledge and curiosity. When using content marketing, create titles with words Portugal Phone Number List  that intrigue. Always check the quality of what you publish, grammar, spelling and html codes. Posts must be more than a thousand words. Also, don’t forget to include images, videos and other visual elements. Use long-tail keywords, LSIs, and inbound and internal links. If you want to understand how to position yourself on Google, you also have to think mobile to improve your SEO . Take into account the size of your site and loading speed on mobile devices.

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Have a mobile-friendly format and structure. Don’t use Flash, prefer HTML5. Use well-optimized and relevant images. To confirm if you are mobile friendly, carry out Google’s mobile friendly Denmark WhatsApp Number List test . And don’t forget that Google is constantly updating its algorithm, they make at least two major updates a year and other minor ones that vary the rankings. You must know how to adapt to these changes and thus avoid being penalized or relegated from the top positions of the search engine. How do I know the positioning of my website on Google? Finally, we want to mention some free tools that will allow you to know where your page is. These resources will save you time and not have to search for each one in the search engine. The first one you should know is Google Search Console.