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With the latter you will be able to see what keywords your competitors are using. Always remember to look at the search volume and difficulty of the keywords because you may not want to focus on the ones with the highest competition. Start with ones with average competition, which require less work and time to position yourself. Focus on local keywords or long-tail keywords specific to your business. For example, if you have a sushi restaurant in the north of Madrid, you could use sushi restaurant in (neighborhood) Madrid. You should include the main keywords in moderation on each page or post, it is recommended at least in the metadata, title, intertitles, Alt text, in the text. Make sure you don’t overuse them. Choose keywords intelligently. Judge the value of the keywords.

Landing page such as the title

Maintain one main keyword per page. But it also takes into account niche vocabulary and applies LSI (Latent Semantic Indexation). Consider users’ search intent. That is, what people expect Norway Phone Number List  to find when they visit your pages. How to position a landing page? Choose keywords The keyword must be present in the most important elements of your landing page, such as the title, headings, anchor text and in the text. Additionally, highlighting it in bold will sometimes help bots pay attention to the phrase in question. On the other hand, here you must also take care of the density and make sure that it does not appear in more than 2% of the text. How to make my website appear on Google for free? Use on-page SEO tactics Also known as on-site strategies.

Optimize the content of each page

It refers to everything you do within your website to improve its positioning. It is divided into several aspects that are basic. There are tools for on-page SEO that will help you understand your current Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List situation. You can do audits with: Screaming frog, Website Auditor, SEOSiteCheckup, SEMRush, MOZ, among other options. Optimize the content of each page: Have enough text . There is no exact formula, nor an ideal number of words, but it is estimated that the posts that reach the top positions have between 1000 and 2000 words. This is because they explain the content better; However, we can also see shorter content. If we go by what Google says, the quantity of text does not indicate quality . In that sense, it is recommended that you test the text length that works best for your brand.