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Attracting traffic through guest very important aspect or web shows?

It is also important to have a good internal link structure, add two or three links to old posts related to your new publication. Post: 10 free tools to create infographics #Infographics Image source Create good content Content is very important for SEO, although as you have seen throughout this post, it is not the only thing you should optimize. The basic thing is to create good content focused on users, but also thinking about search engine robots. This must meet some basic characteristics: Cover a demand, whether for a solution, information, knowledge. For example, if our site is about web positioning, our readers will want to see published content related to SEO, tips, techniques, help, innovations. We must publish good content that users want to share on their social networks (very influential in SEO), on their blogs or websites.

Create good content Content

This way you gain greater visibility. Content should be easy to access, i.e. don’t limit entry to your site by requiring everyone to log in to view something, as this will not allow them to Macedonia Phone Number List share it. Furthermore, it is not well regarded by search engines like Google. Write posts of at least 1500 words for the keywords you want to rank for. Studies have shown that long content ranks better on Google. Content is more than text Adding multimedia content (images, screenshots, lists, GIFs and videos) will help you get more traffic. You will also be able to position yourself in Google Videos and Google Images. When including images in your post you must optimize them, make sure the file is the correct size. And the alt text must have the keywords. Multimedia content increases the value of your content.

Very important aspect  GIFs

The public likes it. Ideally, you should include at least one element in each post on your blog . Use outbound links Google wants you to be an active member of the website. That’s why if you rarely Cambodia WhatsApp Number List link to other sources, whether dofollow or nofollow links, it seems like you don’t want to share or relate. What you should do is include links to sources of information, to authorities in the area. Optimize the title tag We consider that generating a good title (the title tag or meta title) is a very important aspect of on-page SEO. Technically all the elements of the title are important for web positioning, because they are used by search engines to show in the SERP a preview of what will be seen on the site. Add modifiers to the title, include words like 2022.

How to use LinkedIn stories in your business? of virtual events

As a brand or company you should know how to use LinkedIn stories in your business . This has been one of the last platforms to implement the function, although the context is different from the rest. What should you publish? How to take advantage of them for marketing? At Web Positioning Salamanca we give you some advice in this regard. Table of Contents Incorporate LinkedIn Stories into your marketing strategy How to publish stories on LinkedIn? How to use LinkedIn stories in your business? Show what your day-to-day work is like Tips and informative pills Share the news Upload customer testimonials Share events in real time Post questions and answers Incorporate LinkedIn Stories into your marketing strategy In October 2020, LinkedIn launched stories, thus joining the trend that the main social networks had already adopted. Stories are a new way of presenting content, similar to platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

Post questions and answers

The difference is that on this social network it is done in a professional environment. With this function LinkedIn offers the opportunity to publish lighter and fresher content within the platform. In this way, it humanizes the brand more, brings the company closer to its followers and strengthens the relationship that exists between Macedonia Phone Number List contacts. Both personal and company profiles can publish this ephemeral content, which disappears after 24 hours. You can use it to give advice, position yourself as an expert, answer customer questions, and more. Another advantage of stories is that they allow you to show a different side of the company or brand. That is, more casual than what we are used to seeing on the platform, without reaching the informality of other networks. The intention of LinkedIn Stories is to show a more casual side of users and companies, without leaving the professional or corporate context .

Share events in real time

They are customizable, since they allow you to add text and stickers. It also gives the option to mention other users. Accounts with more than 5,000 followers can add links. Post: How to gain followers on Albania WhatsApp Number List Snapchat The customization options of this social network are less than Instagram Stories or other networks; However, they have been updated since the launch and many users are already taking advantage of them. How to publish stories on LinkedIn? This function is available in the mobile application, which is where the social network has the most visits. We explain step by step how to publish them: Enter the application from your mobile. At the top you will see a circle with your photo and a plus symbol (+). Select it to start creating. Tapping the circle will open the camera.