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What role do user-generated Google Shopping

Post: Positive effects of having better loading times on mobile phones For example, the description of what the company does, contact information and news. Make sure this is in a visible place. 3. Add images and videos Graphic elements are more attractive than text, the latter should be kept short. Images and videos attract more attention from the visitor and are a support tool to talk about your business. Another of our tips to improve the home page of a website is that when using videos they do not play automatically. Give the visitor the option to view it whenever they are ready. The same happens with the audios, if they start playing when entering the website they will distract the visitor and may cause them to leave the site.

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Don’t forget the call to action Do you want the visitor to subscribe to the website, start a free trial or request a quote? Place the call to action button in a visible place that stands out from the rest of the Lebanon Phone Number List  elements. The information in the CTA must be clear and direct . They are usually at the top or in the center of the home page. 5. Easy navigation It must be easy for the user to go from one page to another within the website. So the menu must be visible on the home page and this, in turn, must be simple. That is, the categories and subcategories must be clear. Also include links to the most relevant pages that you want to highlight. Lean on these tips to improve the home page of a website. You will only have one chance to convince visitors to stay on your site and you should not waste it. Do you need help with the design? Contact us and request a free quote .

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Optimize the texts To offer a good experience to your website users, it is not enough to create posts or pages with good content, it must have a friendly configuration. It is necessary to use many headings because they help break up the text and organize it. Use short paragraphs, they are easier to read, lists also make reading easier, and put key Belize WhatsApp Number List terms in bold. With this, users can scan the text and find what they are looking for easily. Complement texts with visual content such as images, infographics, presentations, videos and animated GIFs. via GIPHY 6. Avoid 404 errors 404 errors can affect your web positioning, but not only that, they affect the user experience. If they click on a link, people expect it to take them where they want. If this results in a 404 error, the person becomes upset and reconsiders whether they will continue browsing your website. This error page often frustrates users. 7. Measure Core Web Vitals To measure Core Web Vitals you can use the following tools.