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Can hosting events or webinars be effective for driving traffic?

How many times have you left a website after seeing the homepage? It happens to all of us at some point because that space is key for the visitor to decide to continue browsing or not. To prevent this from happening on your site, follow these tips to improve the home page of a Salamanca Web Positioning website. Table of Contents The homepage must be at the service of your business Check the effectiveness of the home page Tips to improve the home page of a website 1. Make it clear what the site is about 2. Relevant content must be visible 3. Add images and videos 4. Don’t forget the call to action 5. The homepage must be at the service of your business The home page is the visitors’ first contact with the business website.

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In the first seconds it should be clear who it is, the services and products it offers, how to contact it and what you should do next to find what you are looking for. A well-designed website should be aligned with Jordan Phone Number List business objectives; In addition, being able to attract new customers, while still being useful to those who already know the brand. Therefore, one of the strategies to improve the website is to always keep it updated. When you start designing your website’s home page, you must choose the elements you will include. There are several basic aspects that must be on the page: Identification of the company.

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Answer what you do. Who is the target audience? How will the business help site visitors? Make contact channels clear. Direct visitors to their next step on the website in a simple way. Provide additional Belarus WhatsApp Number List information. Post: Why digital marketing is important for business  All this must be accompanied by an SEO strategy that favors the positioning of the site. Having a well-designed homepage will help boost your business. Check the effectiveness of the home page You can have a very complete site. With all the information but you cannot retain visitors. If these do not go beyond the home page it is clear that there is a problem at this point.

Security in WordPress 2021: How to keep your website protected

All sites on the internet are vulnerable. It could be that you have put a lot of work into this, done everything right in terms of keeping your website protected, and end up being the victim of a random hacker attack. Therefore, from Positioning Web Systems we give you security tips in WordPress 2021 . Table of Contents WordPress Vulnerabilities Security in WordPress 2021: How to keep your website  Update your WordPress, themes and plugins regularly Use HTTPs Use strong passwords Back up your site regularly Secure login or registration on your website Install a Firewall on your computer and on your website Monitor user activity What to do if my WordPress website is hacked? WordPress Vulnerabilities A study by W3Techs indicates that WordPress is  by.

HTTPs Use strong passwords

Of sites using WordPress have that is  they offer some product. Therefore, they need higher levels of security. Security problems in WordPress are not exclusive to this CMS, as we Jordan Phone Number List on the internet everyone is vulnerable to hackers. What we can do is protect our site in the best way. At WordPress they are  about maintaining the security of their CMS. Because it is not only the system, but also the plugins that are  Some of the main WordPress vulnerabilities are: Backdoor or backdoors: These are sequences of programming code that allow an  attacker to access the server. Pharma Hacks: It is a malware that shows different content to the user and the bot, it is a spam SEO attack. Malicious redirects.

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XSS (Cross-site scripting) filter: They are a type of malicious infection in which malicious scripts are  into websites. Denial of Service (DDos): is an attack on the system that makes the website  UAE Phone Number List inaccessible to users. Chrome will mark sites without HTTPS protocol as insecure These are just some of the vulnerabilities that can be  by more  attackers or hackers. But your website can have problems for reasons as simple as your computer being stolen and thus stealing the data to access your website, or when accessing it from a public network they take your data. How to keep your website There are things you can do to protect your WordPress website that are routine, while others will require more processes. Update your WordPress, themes and plugins regularly WordPress makes updates from time to time that imply improvements.

Key elements of a landing page

What makes a successful landing page? A clear message, with a powerful CTA and a design adjusted to the company’s image should not be missing. Below we explain what are the key elements of a landing page in Web Positioning Salamanca. Table of Contents Why use landing pages? What is an effective landing page? Key elements of a landing page Title and subtitle User-centered content Call to action Simplicity in design Simple form Testimonials Graphic and audiovisual elements Benefits for users Includes a thank you message Why use landing pages? In marketing, the landing page is the page that users reach when they do a search or click on an ad. In Spanish it is known as a landing page and is characterized by offering information in exchange for the visitor’s data.

Includes a thank you message

The information the user receives may lead to the download of a document; newsletter subscription; registration for an event ; content unlocking, among others. The goal of landing pages is to increase Jordan Phone Number List conversions . When a user reaches a landing page it is because they have done a related search, or perhaps they received an email that took them to it. In any case, getting there shows that he has an interest in the product or service being offered. Therefore, the next step is to convince that visitor to convert. That is, buy the product, download the application or any other action you are looking for. On any landing page we will find these characteristics: Persuasive: the language and each element used is aimed at inducing the visitor to execute a specific action.

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They are not intrusive: people come to the page because something caught their attention and they want more information. Direct: without distractions, the information about the product or service is expanded and the option to convert is given. The user has two options, execute the indicated action or leave. Post: What is Google Tag Manager and how Sweden Phone Number List is it used? What is an effective landing page? Creating a landing page is easy with the tools available online. Or if you have a web design expert , they will tailor it to your business. However, its effectiveness depends on various factors. It’s not about creating a page and publishing it, but about making it work. That allows us to capture leads and then convert them into clients. To achieve this, the first thing will be to define the objective we want to achieve with the landing page.