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What should the structure of a post be like?

Good content is very important for web positioning¬† not only this, but it will help your business grow. But having a good blog is not easy, you must work to achieve it. That’s why today we explain what the structure of a post should be like. Keep reading! Table of Contents Google chooses to show quality content What should the structure of a post be like? Good theme Good header Write a good introduction Optimized URL Eye-catching headers Includes visual elements Correct length A good closing Include schema Other parts of the structure of a perfect post Google chooses to show quality content There is always talk about the importance of quality content for Google , but also about the search engine’s concern to offer a good user experience. Both things must be combined so that you can position your content. That is why it is important to write content thinking about users and not Google, but without completely forgetting SEO optimization .

How to communicate brand values

Google will position quality content in the first places, to do so it considers aspects such as user intention, quality, usability, context, EAT and YMYL. Additionally, it considers structured Indonesia Phone Number List data, featured snippets, knowledge graph, among others. What should the structure of a post be like? There are elements that are essential to have a good post on your blog, here we explain what they are: Good theme You have to think carefully about what you will write about, if you are looking for publications that go viral, that serve as a source of information, that inspire. You could have a bank of ideas and so every time you have to write you can get ideas from there. Analyze your products and services to write your blog posts. This way you can choose topics that are aligned with what your business does.

Communicate according to the audience

And you won’t be writing just for the sake of it, but you will invest your time in creating content related to what you offer. Post: Off Page SEO Guide: What to do beyond link building Be attentive Benin Phone Number List to the questions that users ask you most frequently , take advantage of them to answer through the publications. You can also see what customers are searching for in the search bar on your website. Interacting with your audience on social networks will also allow you to choose good topics. Check photos, Facebook groups, Twitter, Quora and Reddit. A good theme is the starting point for writing posts that rank well. Good header The title, header or h1 is key to attracting the audience to your publication. Without this, the possibility that people will end up reading your content greatly decreases. Take your time to think of a good title that catches the attention of potential readers and invites them to click. Some characteristics of a good header are: It must be specific. Use numbers, avoid words like spectacular, incredible, amazing. Don’t reveal everything in the header. Leave the answer open to arouse the reader’s curiosity.