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How to use Quora for SEO?

The Internet provides us with tools that we can take advantage of to improve web positioning, although this is not their main objective. One of them is this social network of questions and answers. That is why we will talk about how to use Quora for SEO . Table of Contents What is Quora? Advantages of using Quora for marketing How to use Quora for SEO? Research topics for your content strategy Add the keywords you want to position Get inbound links Get traffic to your website Promote content Know your audience Tips for using Quora What is Quora? Quora is a platform where users ask questions and those who know about the topic answer them. Others can vote for the highest quality answer to give it greater visibility. In this way, erroneous messages are also filtered out.

Tips for using Quora

Users choose the topics they are  in when registering on the platform. Based on this information, the Quora algorithm shows them questions on those topics. Additionally,  on the Hong Kong Phone Number List knowledge you indicate in your profile, it sends you specific questions to answer. Every time you answer a question you can include images, videos or links that add value to the information. Another feature that Quora has is spaces. These are sections that deal with specific topics and, apart from questions, articles and links of interest can be  on the topic . With a Quora account you can gain visibility even if you have few or no followers. Other members will see the answers you give and can vote on them. This way it will be shown to more people. Advantages of using Quora for marketing It is interesting to include this platform in the marketing strategy for your brand. It gives you the opportunity to gain authority and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Know your audience

By answering many questions you increase your reputation and Google takes this into account in its EAT . Post: SEO Checklist for your business #infographic As in any social network, it is necessary to have activity to achieve visibility. However, Quora has an advantage over other platforms and that is that you don’t have to post Belarus Phone Number List all the time. A response can continue to be shown to users weeks after you publish it. The questions and answers you ask will be shown to people  in that topic. Which means there is clear segmentation by interests. Thanks to this you can get a lot of information about your buyer persona . In addition, it is an excellent tool to improve web positioning . You can get incoming links, drive traffic to your website and find topics to talk about on your website, for example. It will also allow you to build your reputation and position yourself as an authority within your niche. The key to enjoying the benefits of Quora is to provide answers that have value to the user.