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If you are interested in positioning your website, it is important that you know how search engines work. At Web Positioning Salamanca we explain what you need to know about Google crawling and indexing . It is relevant to your site and to help you optimize it. Keep reading to know more. Table of Contents How do search engines work? What you should know about Google crawling and indexing What is crawl budget? Not all pages on your website are indexed 20% of your pages will not be indexed Site:url search does not show all pages Mobile-centric indexing How to maximize crawl efficiency? How do search engines work? If you want to optimize your website to position yourself, you must understand how search engines work. We use them every day, but we don’t know their processes well. Basically, they review millions of websites to provide answers to people’s searches. They decide how to organize that information and how to present it to users based on their algorithms.

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They first use web crawlers to crawl the pages and get the data . They then index the pages that will appear as results in searches in the future. And finally, they position them in the index based Guatemala Phone Number List on a series of factors. These factors are part of the algorithm to determine which results are relevant and quality. All this makes it take time to position new pages . But it is a job that the search engine does to offer only the best results. What you should know about Google crawling and indexing Google’s three basic steps to show websites in its results: Crawling : This is when web crawlers or Google robots access publicly available websites.

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Indexing : in this part of the process, Google analyzes the content of each page and stores the information. Positioning : When a user types a search into Google, Google presents them with the best answers from Russia Phone Number List its index. Tracking is the beginning of the entire process. According to Google, its crawlers use links to discover pages, which is why the internal link structure is very important. Bots give priority to new sites, changes to existing ones, and dead links. This is all an automated process. Although it may be affected by hosting; If it is down for a long time, for example, they will not be able to crawl your website. Post: PageRank is no longer a web positioning metric according to Google What is crawl budget? When we talk about crawl budget we are referring to a metric, it is the number of pages that Google assigns its robots to crawl in a certain time . Once this period is over the robots will leave your site and go to another. The idea is to do it without overloading the servers.