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Coverage you will see which pages are indexed

.The conclusion is that, if you have a small page and several of its pages are not being perhaps you should review the quality of the site and not think that it could be due to something technical. Because it explains that, regarding the technical aspect, when using a common CMS it is difficult for any page to have problems with crawling or indexing. 20% of your pages will not be Mueller continues saying in the video that it is normal that “we do not index an entire website . ” That regardless of the size of your website you will see fluctuations in the index, “it will never be the case that we index 100% of a website.” He also concludes that how much of your site is  fluctuates. Site:url search does not show all pages In another video by John Mueller, this time part of the Ask

Analyze the competition

For example, if you want to see only pages of a website, you type in Google site:www.mywebsite.com. Many people use them to find content on specific websites if they type a keyword first. Post: Panda 4.0 Georgia Phone Number List Payday Loan 2.0 and the 10 steps if you have been  For Mueller, this search command was not made with the intention of obtaining a diagnosis of a website. Rather, it serves to limit the results to a certain page. “It was notto be a collection of all available pages on a website.” To find out how many pages of your site Google has it is best to go to Google Search Console . In Index -> Coverage you will see which pages areand if some have any errors that prevent their indexing.

The Page Experience Report

Since 2018 they that they would start updating their index and now it has a mobile- indexing . This year, the indexing that gives priority to the mobile Googlebot should be working at Senegal Phone Number List its maximum. Which implies that if you want to position yourself, your website must be  for these devices. In the previous image of the Search Console report you can see how the main tracker or user agent is Smartphone. How to maximize crawl efficiency? Google recommends some practices to make Googlebot crawls more efficient . If you have too many URLs and it takes Google a long time to crawl them, it may determine that it is not worth continuing to crawl your website. In this case what you should do is: Avoid duplicate content. Remove URLs with duplicate content so Google only crawls unique content.