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We recommend running some promotions that include free or discounted shipping to attract more customers. Advantages of selling on Aliexpress Creating an account on AliExpress for the products in your virtual store is a great idea and many brands and companies are doing it. The benefits of selling through this platform are: Commissions are lower than in other marketplaces: Commissions per sale or those requested from sellers are below 15%. They vary depending on the product category. Although for every time you withdraw money from Alipay they will charge you 1 euro as a commission. Sell ​​in multiple countries: The platform is available in 18 languages. And in addition to being able to sell in several Asian countries, if you have an account on AliExpress Spain you will not only be able to sell in different regions of the Spanish territory.

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But also in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and other countries. Fast help team: Their help or technical service team provides very Estonia Phone Number List  responses to any problem or inconvenience. Marketing options: Within the platform you will find tools and options that are of great help in marketing campaigns. It also encourages interaction with the customer and has the option of using chatbots. Accepts companies and freelancers: You can start selling on AliExpress independently or if you have a company or company. As long as it meets the requirements established by the platform. Unlimited products: The number of products you can offer through the platform is unlimited. As is the quantity a customer can order.

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Synchronization with inventories from other marketplaces: You can integrate your AliExpress account with your inventory from others where you have a presence, such as Amazon and eBay. Post: What is Qatar Phone Number List it and how to obtain first party data? Despite its many advantages, keep in mind that the platform does not accept payment through PayPal. And you can be penalized for up to 30 days if you commit fraud, give false information or similar actions. Follow these tips and steps on how to start selling on AliExpress and enjoy all the benefits of being present in this Marketplace. To design the best online marketing strategies for websites or ecommerce, request a quote and contact our team of experts.