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Post: Some ways to use WhatsApp for business 6. Optimize your checkout When a person reaches the page to pay, they have already decided what they want to buy. Optimizing this page means that you make the process easier, so that people do not get upset or waste too much time and end up leaving the cart abandoned. Long or complicated purchasing processes are a reason for cart abandonment. Creating a good payment experience is one of the strategies to sell more online at Christmas, to do this you can: Simplify the checkout page: Having the checkout process load on one page, compared to several, can help you get many more sales.

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Don’t give your customers a chance to leave your store. This improves customer experience and satisfaction. Allow guests to purchase: Registration-free checkout processes are important for first Ecuador Phone Number List time customers. Many customers do not feel confident leaving their data on their initial visit to an e-commerce. Additionally, registration interrupts the purchasing process. Offer several payment options: when a person is ready to buy, the last thing they want is to see that you don’t have their preferred payment method . Allows secure payment methods. Configure the functionality to split shipments: if the person buys several gifts at the same time, it allows them to send what they need separately. Allow them to choose the type of shipping: allows express, regular or special shipments, each at a specific rate and with an estimated shipping date.

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Expand your sales channels Part of how to prepare your ecommerce for Black Friday includes payment channels. Nowadays you can not only sell through your website, there are also marketplaces. Another option to sell is social commerce, through Instagram and Facebook, even Pinterest. By optimizing your profile as a store in these Namibia Phone Number List applications you will be able to achieve sales through a different channel. You can even sell beyond European borders; in the United States, Amazon and eBay are a very good option. Mercado Libre is also for Latin America. Post: 5 reasons to use YouTube in your online marketing strategy #Infographic 8. Allows you to buy online and pick up in store Another part of preparing your ecommerce for the holiday season includes understanding today’s consumer. The trend of buying online and picking up in store gained ground with the advance of Covid. So people bought from home and picked up when it was most convenient for them.