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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

This year is almost over and it’s time for you to start preparing your strategy for the next. That is why at Web Positioning Salamanca we want to tell you what the digital marketing trends will be for 2021 . There are many new things coming in different aspects of online marketing. Table of Contents Why it is important to follow trends in digital marketing Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 Shoppable posts Programmatic advertising Twitter Fleets Interactive emails Events in video format Why it is important to follow trends in digital marketing Focusing your digital marketing strategy on new trends is important. Since these focus on the current or most recent behavior of Internet users, new technologies and work methods. If you are not very convinced about incorporating the new online marketing trends into your strategy. Pay attention to the reasons we will give you to do so. Adapt to changes: The world changes very constantly.

Marketing methodologies will begin

This causes changes in the way people consume, their tastes and needs. For this reason, companies must always adapt to what users demand. If you resist this and updating you may never achieve Tunisia Phone Number List success. Enter the competition: If you always seek to improve and implement the latest marketing trends that adapt to your objectives, you will be on par with your competitors. Otherwise other companies and brands with more updated marketing methodologies will begin to steal some of your customers. They allow you to advance and grow: Companies and brands must seek to grow and achieve new objectives. But in most cases the strategies that you used in the past and worked probably won’t be as effective now. To meet new goals you need updated methodologies and data.

Digital Marketing Trends for

Post: How does WhatsApp Desktop work? In the world of marketing, following trends not only helps you stay competitive. But it allows you to provide a better experience to your target audience and solve their Guatemala WhatsApp Number List needs more efficiently. Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 Every year is full of changes, which generates new trends in different sectors, and the digital field is no exception. So that you can start adapting your strategy to new forms of consumption, sales, advertising and other aspects. Below, we present the online marketing trends expected for 2021. Shoppable posts Purchasable posts refer to the possibility of purchasing a service or product directly.

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In the year the user will be more important, how your website facilitates their life, their search and, therefore, you must optimize it with this in mind. Considering aspects such as: How well and quickly the pages load. How long it takes for pages to be ready for interaction. If the website is easy to use and navigate on mobile phones. The security of the connection to your website. In short, you should incorporate page experience into your SEO goals. This will help in rankings, due to the algorithm update that is coming, and will also improve your conversions by offering a better experience. Post: What is known about the December update of the Google algorithm The SERPs will continue to change The way the SERPs work has changed over time. Payment notices have more space, as do the boxes with related questions.

SERPs work has changed over time

And now you see videos even about the first place, and if not, then at least in the middle of the results. There has also been an increase in the number of no-click, or zero-click, searches. In these you can get Vietnam Phone Number List answers without having to visit a site, on the same Google results page. This makes SEO strategies more difficult. The knowledge panel will become increasingly relevant. Google entities will become more important. So you must make it clear to the search engine who you are, what you offer and what purpose you serve your audience. You could start by seeing your brand as an entity, improving its digital presence. Optimizing your Google My Business profile, improving your presence in databases like Wikipedia, and more. This way you can appear in the Google knowledge graph .

SEO trends for 2021 Voice searches

As for entities and content, it is important that you use them within the text, since Google has improved its natural language analysis tools. Algorithms better understand what users are searching for, beyond Greece WhatsApp Number List keywords. Although keywords will continue to be used, it is necessary to understand the entities and topics related to the search. Other SEO trends for 2021 Voice searches will continue to be important. Therefore, you must create conversational, more natural content. As well as using long-tail keywords. Local SEO will be more important. Google estimates that 4 in 5 consumers do local searches. You must add your business information to directories and manage your reputation. It will be more important to analyze consumer behavior, beyond just looking at keywords.

Can offering free resources or tools help in Optimization for Core

Asking them to give you their email so you can read a post, or making it difficult to find them or buy from your store is a thing of the past. And when we talk about giving the user quality content, we don’t just mean text. Because this is not the only thing that ranks on Google. You can use videos, podcasts, infographics, whatever is most consumed by your target audience. Mobile optimization is a must The use of mobile devices has grown over the years. These are the main tool with which people navigate. Studies show that more than 60% of searches are done by smartphone. Therefore, if your website is not optimized you could be missing out on many opportunities. With mobile-first indexing, if your website is not optimized for mobile phones you will not rank .

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And seek to personalize your site with a good web design . Fuente: Long form content Long-form content will serve to prove to Google a good EAT (experience, authority and trust). We talk about posts around 2000 Uruguay Phone Number List words, even 2500 or 3000. Post: Tips for combining SEO and content marketing Although this type of format should only be used if the topic really requires it. That is, if two thousand words are required to explain a topic well. It should not be used just to reach a length to position yourself. Because if you write too much without saying anything, Google will take it as low-quality content and it won’t rank. Short content and keyword stuffing are two very frowned upon practices as well.

Optimization for Core Metrics and page experience

Nowadays, your content has a better chance of ranking if it is long and detailed. Always following Google’s quality guides , which indicate that you must have the correct information. Not only the content Ghana WhatsApp Number List  must be of quality. The author has to be an expert on the subject and have authority in himself. Furthermore, both the author and the website must be trustworthy. Optimization for Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Already at the beginning we mentioned the main web metrics and page experience, this is the main SEO novelty for 2021. It is an algorithm update announced well in advance, which has made it possible to prepare for it. Websites need to prioritize them to ensure they don’t fall behind the competition. The best thing is that there are many tools available to analyze Core.

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Was a difficult year, many companies had to close, others reinvented themselves. For its part, the digital world saw ecommerce sales grow and competition increased due to confinements. The next few months will not be very different, but there is a halo of hope. Knowing the SEO trends for 2021 with Web Positioning Salamanca will allow you to be at the forefront. Table of Contents Importance of user experience 5 SEO trends for 2021 Focus on the user Mobile optimization is a must Long form content Optimization for Core Web Vitals and Page Experience The SERPs will continue to change Other SEO trends for 2021 Importance of user experience It is increasingly important that SEO strategies focus on what the consumer wants and not on search engine robots.

Create content that really serves

Even Google takes search intent as well as user experience into account more than ever . For the latter, it created its new main web metrics, which join those they already had for the page experience ranking factor . Hence Ukraine Phone Number List the need for us to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes when planning SEO strategies for 2021. To create content that really serves and is useful to you. And don’t publish because you want to position more keywords. 5 SEO trends for 2021 Being up to date with SEO trends for 2021 will allow you to surpass the competition and position yourself in the top places. But more importantly, get more conversions and leads. Which will be reflected in more income for your business.

Which will be reflected in more

You must give it to them, in a simple and easy to digest way. This is achieved with well-written content and knowing your consumers, understanding why and what they are looking for . Post: What is Germany WhatsApp Number List conversion rate optimization (CRO) and what is it for? If a person seeks advice from an expert, the search engine will give them the best results. And it will leave behind those who lack good Google EAT . The posts or pages will not be to talk much about your products or the benefits of your company. But to answer consumer questions or problems. Additionally, considering the user experience, it will be key to have a website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and displays the first content as soon as possible.

A comprehensive update In Search Engine Journal, they compiled

Then there was calm and volatility  on December 9. Some recovered positions, others cto fall. Compared to other Core updates, its impact was very similar to May of this year and August 2018 (Medic Update). The latter was very important and affected many places. Graphic source:  A comprehensive update In Search Engine some websites toJournal, they  the opinions of different experts on the subject. And most observe that there are no obvious factors that or any changes that stand out. But they do think it could mean something  to natural language processing. Post: 7 SEO tips for online stores that you should know All of this is speculation, because the variations  by this December 2020 update are still being analyzed.

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It’s difficult to know specifically what with a broad core algorithm update. Unless each  site is  separately. On the other hand, Search Engine Land collects data from different sources to Uganda Phone Number List show that it was a “big update.” For example, RankRanger indicates that it was more important than May, because it shows more changes in some areas in the top 3. Regarding volatility by industry, it is quite similar, there were fewer changes in the top 3 and top 5 in the travel niche, but more in health, finance and retail. On the other hand, SEMRush saw that changes in computer searches most  the areas of health, real estate, travel, finance, law and Government. While in mobile searches, the variations were in health; laws and Government; jobs and education; pets and animals, and real estate. The SERP’s SEMRush sensor shows a rating .

Google recommends good practices

Then, on December 18 it has another peak, with 8.2. How to react to an algorithm update Regarding, what to do when  with an update to the Core of the algorithm? Google’s response is the same as always, read Georgia WhatsApp Number List in its blog on Google Search the post “ What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates ”, which in Spanish translates as “What webmasters should know about Google’s core updates”. Google”. This document was last in August 2019. So what Google recommends as good practices has not  in over a year. Post: What you should know about Google crawling and indexing They clarify that algorithm updates do not affect specific pages or sites. But they are changes that they make to their system. And it can even cause some websites to improve.

What is known about the December update of the Google algorithm

This 2020 has been  for many companies and businesses, the coronavirus came to change the way users buy and interact with brands. Despite this, the world  to move forward, which is why at Web Positioning Salamanca we explain to you about the December update of the Google algorithm, the third of the year. Table of Contents Algorithm core updates in 2020 What is known about the December update of the Google algorithm A comprehensive update How to react to an algorithm update Look at your content Algorithm core updates in 2020 On December 3, 2020, Google  its last algorithm core update of 2020. As we just , it is the third of this year, the first was in January and the second in May, they were  after the months in which they were .

Announced that the December 2020 Core

It is not something new that Google releases an algorithm update, it usually makes a broad core update every few months. What’s more, the fact that more than half a year  between them was what Taiwan Phone Number List was new. As always, Google the change in its algorithm through Twitter, almost the same tweet as on previous occasions: They  in the Twitter thread that they typically take one or two weeks to finish implementing. Then, on December 16, they that the December 2020 Core Update was ready. Post: Google will penalize mobile sites with popups What is known about the December update of the Google algorithm Almost seven months between the last broad update of the algorithm core. The launch date and the world situation made many consider that Google should not launch it in December. Just before the biggest sales season of the year.

Drop from one moment to the next

Also those who had not yet  from the January 2020 one. Regarding this update and the most recent ones, it is not mainly about changes in the ranking factors. But Google seeks to improve how it understands France WhatsApp Number List searches and pages. SEO experts should know how to respond to this. Natural language processing and other technologies have  Google better understand users Many pages are greatly  by changes in the algorithm and see their ranking drop from one moment to the next. Fluctuations in the ranking began to be by tools like MozCast, whose temperature rose to 111.4°F on December 3. Although since the previous three days they began to see certain variations. Many sites were and saw a lot of movement right after December 4th.

You listen to what they say you can improve to provide

As a brand you have no control over what users say, but if you listen to what they say you can improve to provide better service to them in the future. via GIPHY Tools to measure online reputation There are a series of tools available on the Internet that will help you know what is being said about your brand and measure your reputation. Post: Tools to organize the editorial calendar The most obvious are search engines, especially Google, there are several ways to take advantage of this search engine. First, do a direct search for the brand name; of services, or keywords. You can use a “brand name+reviews” command to find sites that talk about your company. Another way to use Google is to schedule alerts. This way, every time the bots identify a mention of your brand they will notify your email.

Brand and search more than 40 sites

You should also follow up on comments and ratings on your Google My Business listing. In addition to the search engine, other tools available are: Buzzmonitor . It is paid, but has a trial version Sri Lanka Phone Number List for 15 days. One of its main advantages is that you can monitor the competition, as well as find influencers for your brand. Go Fish . If you want to know if there are any complaints about your brand on the internet, this tool is the one for you. You just type the name of the brand and search more than 40 sites for reviews of your business. Image Raider . It is a reverse image search system. Through this you can find out on which sites your images have been used and if they are accompanied by customer reviews. Social Mention .

User opinion is important, you should not

This is one of the most popular tools for social listening. Analyze user-generated content on blogs, videos, news pages, etc. This will allow you to identify the type of comments about your brand and people’s feelings. Other Finland WhatsApp Number List useful tools In addition to these, other tools that will serve you for this purpose are Meltwater, radian 6 from Salesforce and Brand24. You will find free and paid resources. As well as some with trial versions that you can use to check if the information they offer is useful for your objectives. User opinion is important, you should not let it be monitored frequently to improve the rating of your company. Follow these steps to know what is being said about your brand online. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us .

Optimize your website for sharing to attract traffic through address the situations

Find out what people are saying about your brand online To know what is being said about your business on the internet you have to do social listening . That is, listening to the conversations around you in the online environment. With this you will obtain valuable information that will help you understand if your strategy works or if you should adjust it. Listening to clients brings you closer to them, putting yourself in their shoes to know what they feel and what they are looking for. Doing a search about your brand will help you find out not only what is being  but on what platforms it is being  about. Likewise, you will discover what you should do to improve customer service and even discover potential new consumers.

Steps to manage your online reputation

This is essential because it is what will guide you in the process and help you choose the best tools. Do you want to know everything that is said about the brand or just about a specific service? Make address the situations this decision South Africa Phone Number List to move forward. Post: 12 important metrics for your online marketing campaign Then define through which channels you are going to find out. You can start from those where your brand is found, such as the social networks where you have a profile. However, these are not the only sites where users express their opinion. You also have to specify which metrics to evaluate. For example, the volume of mentions, their reach, etc. Steps to manage your online reputation We explain how to measure digital reputation step by step.  The first thing is to define what you want to know .

Address the situations On the previous information

This way you will understand customers’ opinions towards the brand, where the strategy is failing, what situations are the most urgent to resolve, etc. It will also give you data for future analysis, since you will Estonia WhatsApp Number List know which channels users express themselves on. Once you have this you will know the way to follow in the next steps. What follows is to consider a strategy to address the situations you . If you have reputation problems you should address them as soon as possible, otherwise they will continue to cost you clients. On the other hand, if you found weak points in the competition. Finally, apply the actions you  to improve your reputation.

Find out what people are saying about your brand online

What is said about your business, because potential clients pay attention to it. At Web Positioning Salamanca we tell you how to find out what is being said about your brand online and why you should do it. This way you take care of your reputation and find ways to improve. Table of Contents Why should you monitor your brand? What should you monitor? Find out what people are saying about your brand online Steps to manage your online reputation Tools to measure online reputation Other useful tools Why should you monitor your brand? The opinion of internet users counts and people look at the reviews and ratings of others before doing business with a brand. By monitoring what is said about your company on the web you will identify opportunities for growth. Likewise, you will check the degree of influence it has.

Keep in mind that sometimes mistakes

Monitoring your internet presence is essential to take care of your online reputation . This is the image that is perceived of the brand according to the signals that users give. It may be through conversations Slovenia Phone Number List or opinions expressed through forums, social networks or other platforms. It is important to learn how to measure the reputation of a brand because if you neglect it you cannot improve the negative image that could arise at some point. This being one of the errors that affect your brand . Keep in mind that sometimes mistakes are made that we do not notice and we know about them through customer comments. Likewise, there are malicious people who may be giving information that is far from reality just to discredit you. Having a good online reputation will help you with the SEO positioning of your online business.

Via GIPHY What should you monitor

When you are looking for how to know the reputation of a brand, you first have to understand what you are going to monitor. Post: 20 creative content ideas for Instagram Start with the brand name and the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List keywords you work with. Do a search on them to see the mentions made on the internet. You can do it through Google or other engines. Also search social networks and forums in your niche. By entering the name you should find what they are saying about your company or services. Track user interactions with your brand. See if the comments are positive, negative or neutral. This will help you determine feelings towards the business, as well as the level of influence. In addition to networks and search engines, other sites you should be aware of are forums.

Are there any strategies for attracting traffic through speaking there are others

Here you can share photographs, images, short videos and even post statuses. While users have the option to comment and indicate if they like the publications. Post: Tips to improve the home page of a website With Line you can have an instant messaging application and a social network within the same platform. via GIPHY WeChat One of the most complete instant messaging platforms for users and brands is WeChat. It was launched on the market in 2009 with the name Weinix but in 2012 they c it to the one it currently has. Although many of its functions are limited to use only in Asia, large brands with a presence in these regions use it within their marketing plans. In 2019 it had more than one billion users. WeChat has Marketplace, social media and e-wallet functions.

Apart from these there are others

Ideas on how to do marketing through instant messaging apps Instant messaging platforms are an excellent channel for marketing in times of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing due to the Senegal Phone Number List pandemic. In these you can apply different marketing strategies and actions. Some of the ones that generate the best results are: Use them to serve your customers: Generally, users communicate with brands via instant messaging to ask quick and frequently  questions about a product or service, to report an incident. Advertising: You can use different advertising formats depending on the platform. It is important that the ads are very creative and that they are  to the correct audience so that they are not  invasive.

Domain you want to evaluate

Share information by groups: Most of these applications offer you the option of creating groups with a large number of users. These are ideal for creating communities and building customer loyalty. We Egypt WhatsApp Number List hope that knowing the best alternatives to WhatsApp for business will allow you to work through other channels and expand the reach of your brand. If you are looking for digital marketing experts to help you improve your company’s website or its social profiles, contact us to request a quote .Apart from these, there are others that will help you such as: Serprobot. You enter the domain you want to evaluate, the keywords and the region and it will tell you what position it is in. Ranktank. Unlike other tools, it does not give you a list of  keywords, but you must know.

How can you leverage social media groups or messages disappear

Telegram Telegram is an instant messaging application that was launched in 2013 and currently has more than 400 million active users each month. It is a very interesting alternative for brands, since it has functions with which you can boost marketing . One of these is to create custom bots for your company and the types of clients you deal with. It also allows you to create super groups where up to 200,000 users and channels that have no limit of participants can participate. Through these you can communicate with your clients and target audience and create a community. On the other hand, it gives you the option to configure your messages to be sent automatically on a set date and time. You can make finds, share all types of content through broadcast lists and more.

Application so that messages disappear

It is open source and totally free. Unlike other applications, Signal allows you to send conventional text messages to users who do not have the application installed. Each type of message is identified with Romania Phone Number List a colored bubble. Green is for conventional messages while those that have been sent using a data network are blue. Post: Best payment methods for your ecommerce All messages you send are encrypted . This means that only the person who receives them can read them. You can also configure the application so that messages disappear after a certain period of time. It is an application that is gradually gaining ground and in the coming months they plan to integrate options to create user groups. They recently added support for iPads, single view images and videos, stickers, and the option to send reactions.

A platform that has more than 250 million

Signal is a field little explored by companies and brands for marketing. But this is expected to change in 2021. It is an ideal platform to communicate with your clients in a much more direct and discreet way. They Ecuador WhatsApp Number List will feel more confident in sharing their information thanks to the security of the system. Line It is a platform that has more than 250 million users. It was created in Japan and launched in 2011. It has a large number of functions that will help you carry out marketing actions. One of the most interesting is to carry out surveys within the chats and Line Card. The latter allows you to congratulate any holiday with a digital card. You can also make video calls with up to 200 people simultaneously, which you could take advantage.

Best alternatives to WhatsApp for business

podcast To have a good digital marketing strategy you must be where your target audience is, which is why instant messaging platforms are increasingly used by companies. From Web Positioning Salamanca we want to tell you which are the best alternatives to WhatsApp for business since there are other options, which in addition to having many users have excellent functions. Table of Contents Reasons to do instant messaging marketing Best alternatives to WhatsApp for business Telegram Signal Line WeChat Ideas on how to do marketing through instant messaging apps Reasons to do instant messaging marketing We all know that social networks are the best channel to carry out online marketing actions. Despite being so widely used, there is an alternative that could be just as efficient or even better.

communicate with a company or brand

It is marketing through instant messaging apps. Some of the reasons to do marketing through platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram and others similar are: Approximately 60% of users prefer to Qatar Phone Numbers List communicate with a company or brand through a message and not through calls. Customers perceive service as much more personalized and reliable. They have a large number of users. You can invite and encourage the participation of your clients in activities and events. In addition to promoting your site to improve SEO Positioning . They are platforms with a high level of security. So users feel calmer when providing you with their data.

A company or brand through a message

Best alternatives to WhatsApp for business WhatsApp is the instant messaging application with the largest number of users. In addition, the WhatsApp Business functions are ideal for medium and small Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List companies that seek to get closer to their customers and do marketing. However, after presenting security problems in its latest versions and announcing its new conditions of use, many people question the protection of their information. Post: How to create a content marketing strategy Due to this, a large percentage of its users began to migrate to other platforms. Which indicates that it is time for brands to start exploring new alternatives for instant messaging applications. Therefore, we will mention some of the most popular options that have the best functions for companies.