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Halloween Marketing Campaign Ideas Below we leave you some ideas that you can apply in your marketing campaigns for these dates. Adjust your brand branding Just as you do at Christmas, Valentine’s Day or when the seasons change, adapt your branding to Halloween. Making a few adjustments may be enough and doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, you can decorate the logo with a specific element related to the celebration. There are many examples, such as Fanta in which he used the popular pumpkin. Be careful not to alter the essence of the logo; The consumer must be able to identify that it is your brand even when they do not see the traditional design.

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Exclusive products Marketing for Halloween is a good opportunity to launch exclusive products alluding to the date. This way you add newness to the brand and join the spirit of the celebration. Some Canada WhatsApp Number List examples that have been seen in the past are candy brands that add a special flavor. Or Guiness beer with its ghost cup holder. You can even launch collection specials. With the right promotion, customers will want to collect them all. Create an email campaign for Halloween Email remains one of the classic means of communicating with your subscribers. Don’t forget about them during your Halloween marketing and create an exclusive campaign for Halloween. You can apply this strategy in various ways. The simplest, for example, would be to send the news that the brand has for this day or for the entire month.

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Post: Complete guide to create a free blog and monetize it But you can take it even further by offering special discounts to subscribers. Another idea is to do an intrigue campaign by sending several emails Lithuania Phone Number List that generate expectations, until you reveal the final surprise, which may be an offer. You can even get readers playing via email. For example, ask them to solve a crime on your website and send the clues via email. Those who solve it get a prize. Whatever mechanism you apply, remember not to be invasive or you will achieve the opposite effect. Interactive games Consumers like to participate and get involved, you can take advantage of this to entertain them with some games and interactive content . It is a way to integrate them and get more engagement with your brand. A classic example of this is Google Doodles.