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Beka Finance caretaker of the Carbures stock has sold

Although its analysts give a target price of 47 euros, double its current price, it has a negative balance between purchases and sales of 400,000 securities since January Gowex scam. Economy ruled out the transfer of AB companies to the Stock Market before the scandal Gowex scam. Deloitte .  KPMG Price are going to make a killing Gowex scam . certify the accounts of the listed companies Publication of Carbures. Publication of Carbures, While the judicial process against the managers of Gowex for falsifying the accounts it presented to the MAB since it began trading in progresses.  The largest is Carbures, a company from Cádiz that manufactures carbon fiber parts for sectors such as aeronautics. Beka Finance, former Caja Madrid Bolsa and now owned by  is not only the caretaker of Carbures’ stock, it is responsible for ensuring that there is liquidity in the market to operate.

It is also one of the analysis

Houses that follows the value and gives it one of the highest valuations.  . Precisely for this reason, some market analysts and stock market experts Canada Phone Number List warn of the unusual fact that Beka itself has sold more shares than it has bought since January of this year and, even more so if a complete year is analyz since . From January  Finance has purchas . A total of shares at an average price of euros . compar to analyze the entire year, from to of this year . The net balance is almost shares sold . In the same period of time, BBVA Bolsa which also follows the value and has been hired by Carbures to participate in the company’s move from the MAB to the continuous market, instead presents a purchasing balance of more than shares .

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Renta  which acts as a registered advisor to

Carbures, also presents a net purchasing balance of more than shares since January. An unusual fact Some market experts see this as an unusual fact . It is not normal that the caretaker of the stock, the analysis house that says it is worth 47 euros per share, starts selling like crazy at an average price since September of China Phone Number List  last year of euros. The majority of the shares are in the hands of the company’s managers. Have they sold through their caretaker? ”asks a market analyst. Official sources consulted by this confidentiality have assured that “the management team has not sold shares in this period. It is true that it is not normal that the caretaker and the one who considers. It worth euros is the manager that has sold the most. . There are also those who think that the evolution of the stock is what marks this trend .