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According to Cisco data, 80% of online traffic in 2021 will be audiovisual. Therefore, this type of content should be part of your digital marketing strategy in 2022. The videos have reached position zero on Google. You probably noticed that there are now audiovisuals in featured snippets, it’s not just written content anymore. Post: How to start selling on Aliexpress? As general recommendations for creating videos that can be positioned, we tell you that: Organize your video content into clear sections. This way Google will be able to understand it better. Optimize your video for SEO. Google takes into account the title, description and tags to know what it is about. Upload a transcript of your video. Take advantage of the subtitles that YouTube automatically provides. Improve your YouTube channel. You should already know that it is the second search engine in the world.

Featured snippets Protect your website

More and more YouTube videos are part of Google search results, so dedicate yourself to optimizing them. Embed videos on your blog. You will lower the bounce rate and increase the time users spend Cambodia WhatsApp Number List on your site. Reach position zero on Google Featured snippets or featured snippets are increasingly important in the SERPs, according to SEMRush data they are more than 11% of search results. They get a lot of clicks, basically they steal them from those who are positioned in first place. Featured snippets are Google’s answers to user questions, placed above the first organic result. That’s why it is called Google position zero. By appearing in these you will get more traffic, your website will have greater credibility, you will save on PPC ads, among other advantages of featured snippets .

Reach position zero on Google

Next, create a content block on your page specifically to reach the snippets. About 40-60 words that respond to a specific question or topic. These should include an h2 or h3 at the beginning. About search intent Kenya Phone Number List You can leverage search intent for SEO in 2022 . Google is getting better at giving people the best results for their questions, which is why this topic is becoming more and more relevant. The first thing is to identify the search intention of each keyword. There are informational, navigational, transactional and commercial research. For example, if someone Googles “vitamin C,” chances are they want to know about it and not buy it. By deciding the above, you should start creating content that is related to the search intention.