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That is why it has been  that placing emojis in meta titles and meta descriptions captures attention and increases the click rate. Therefore you attract more traffic . If you use emojis in your rich snippets, your page will stand out in search, therefore attracting more users . And your click rate will grow. As we Google provides answers to searches with emojis, this is because they work to understand how users use language and their behavior. These characters are a form of modern communication. SEO tips that you should apply in 2018 – Part I A Google patent states that “Searching users are often the best judges of relevance, so if they select a particular search result, it is likely to be relevant, or at least more relevant than the other alternatives.

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Can increase search relevance Google always says that its main objective is to give the most relevant results to users. And if it is natural to include emojis in certain situations, they will take it into Brazil WhatsApp Number List account. For example, if you are talking about emojis or food and you have characters available that represent it, you could use them. Google shows emojis in the SERP if they are relevant. In the same way that it shows the title that you  and if it does not seem relevant, they place another one  on the content of the page. They help local SEO When users search on their mobile phones they tend to write very quickly and short. Keyboards like Gboard offer to place emojis when you type a word.

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Improve user experience Google is known to take user experience as a quality indicator and ranking factor. Using emojis can improve the user experience, they are  beautiful, friendly and people identify with them. This Venezuela WhatsApp Number List will give you faster results and you will be able to do faster searches as well. Post: How to use Google Chrome Dev Tools In addition, it offers results using the same emojis. If a person searches with these characters and receives a result that includes them as well, they will have a better experience. You create better connections with users You will be able to gain the trust of users if you use the same language as them . They create a deeper connection with users through them. Although some say that this is a fad, the truth is that emojis have become a form of expression.

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Take into account Google algorithm updates Google uses learning algorithms to improve users’ search experience. This helps avoid pages loaded with keywords, which used to rank well, but are now detected. The Google BERT algorithm will become more important, along with Rank Brain. The search engine relies on these to collect data on user behavior and how they ask questions. The goal is to analyze and better understand the context of your searches. There is not much we can do directly to counter these algorithms. What Google recommends, in general, is writing good content. Answering users’ real doubts with good texts will be the key. Apart from these points, there are other tricks to position your website that you should follow in 2022, such as improving domain authority, using videos, optimizing for featured snippets.

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As well as better understanding search intent and more. For example, for updating snippets you could focus on long-tail keywords. Also offer deeper, higher quality content. As well as structuring Brazil WhatsApp Number List the page with content made so that Google can index it better. On the other hand, for the MUM update you will have to optimize the alt text of the images, add geotags, among other aspects. Improve domain authority Domain authority (DA) is a web positioning metric developed by the company Moz. The score goes from 1 to 100, the higher you will be, the more likely you are to place. It depends mainly on the links. But Google today evaluates what is known as EAT , which refers to experience, authority and trustworthiness. This concept has been part of the Google Guide for quality evaluators for years, but this year they gave it more importance. And it is expected to be key for SEO in 2022. A site with little EAT probably won’t rank well. And in February of this year Google confirmed that it was a ranking factor.

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E from the content creator’s experience. By authority of the author, the content and the website. T for trustworthiness, which in Spanish would be the trustworthiness of the author, the content and Kazakhstan Phone Number List the website itself. How to adapt to this Google novelty for 2022 ? It is best that you become an expert on the topic you write about, or that you hire one to write your blog posts. Freelancer posts may no longer be the best option. Google wants content to be written by experts on the topic. For example, if you have a website related to medicine, the publications must be made by medical experts or with accreditation. You must have a who we are page, a contact page. In publications, the ideal would be to cite sources, place external links, and make the author clear. And also, have the privacy policy and terms of service in a visible place on your site. Show that you are an expert in your area by getting others to cite or mention you. Video marketing will continue to be key Video is at its peak on the internet.