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What is Google Tag Manager and how is it used multiple administrators

In order to measure the results of online marketing campaigns, it is necessary to install some labels. This process can be  but from Web Positioning Salamanca we will tell you what Google Tag Manager is and how to use it . This tool helps you manage the labels you use in a simpler way. Table of Contents What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager Features How do you use Google Tag Manager? 1. Create an account 2. Create and install a container 3. Add and publish your tags Considerations before using Google Tag Manager Account management plan Study what labels you need One container per web domain Advantages of using Google Tag Manager What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google, which works as a tag management system . That is, it allows you to add tracking codes, web analytics and  code snippets also known as tags to any website or mobile application.

One container per web domain

This way you can implement measurement and analytical options without needing programming knowledge. Google Tag Manager Features Google Tag Manager has multiple functionalities that facilitate the Morocco Phone Number List management and administration of tags. Among the most notable are: It gives you the opportunity to choose and control how your website tags and their activation methods are .In addition, it has options for loading labels independently or not simultaneously. And label sequencing. As well as loading with exclusion method. The Google Tag Manager account can be  by multiple administrators. These in turn have multiple options to manage and choose user access level . It has different types of activators to control when and how each of the labels are  so that you can obtain the necessary information.

multiple administrators   Study what labels you need

It also integrates with third-party applications. You can automate and customize processes related to tag management. Post: The best 4 free online tools to create word clouds #Infographics How do you Vietnam WhatsApp Number List use Google Tag Manager? If you want to use Google Tag Manager you must configure the tool to start inserting tags. To do this, follow the following basic steps: 1. Create an account Go to tagmanager.google.com and create an account. You must enter an account name and specify whether you want to share data anonymously with Google and other related entities. Press the continue option. An option to enter the name of the descriptive container will immediately appear on the screen. 2. Create and install a container Create a container for the website or application you want to monitor. This is a piece of code.

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