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How to include surveys in your social media social media strategy

You can take a photo, record a video or upload them from your mobile gallery. Add the text and stickers you want. When the publication is ready, press the Share story button that appears in the lower right corner. Once you publish the story, all your users and followers will see it. In addition, they can respond to them, react or send it to other users. Another frequently asked question is how to view stories on LinkedIn . To do this, you just have to go to the stories section in the application and tap the profile icon you want to see. If it has more than one frame you can touch the screen to go to the next one. How to use LinkedIn stories in your business? Ephemeral content is one of the marketing trends that you should apply for your brand or company. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to do it from a professional perspective, but for that reason it may seem difficult for you to find what to publish in this section. Next, we will give you some ideas to start creating your stories.

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Post: How to use QR codes in marketing in 2022? Show what your day-to-day work is like Through this type of content you can show what happens in the office, how work is carried out or what happens behind Malta Phone Number List the scenes. Doing so will bring your audience closer to your business. Give other workers a voice and allow them to share their experience in the company. Tips and informative pills Demonstrate your knowledge of the area you work in by offering advice to the audience. Thanks to the information you provide, you will strengthen your position as an expert. You can do it in the form of informative pills or short videos that do not saturate the user. One way would be to give a daily tip, try to always do it at the same time so that your contacts are attentive. Or choose a day of the week to offer these tips.

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Share the news If you want to learn how to use stories on LinkedIn, take advantage of them to report on brand or company news. If you are launching or updating a new product, you have a new office, there is a new member on the team or you have just achieved an important alliance. You can report all this through stories or, at least, make a Algeria WhatsApp Number List preview about it. Also if you publish new content on your blog or upload infoproducts to download, communicate it through the stories. Keep in mind that if you have the necessary number of contacts, you can add the link for them to go to your website. Announce your upcoming events, and once they’re over, thank those who attended. Upload customer testimonials The voice of the customer is always important to gain the trust of others. Ask them to testify about their experience with your work and share it through stories. Post: Social media trends that marked the year 2015 Use real testimonials, otherwise the brand will suffer the consequences of misleading its audience.

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