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How to plan a marketing strategy on LinkedIn?

From Web Positioning Salamanca we explain how to plan a marketing strategy on LinkedIn . Thanks to this social network you will make valuable contacts while giving visibility to your business. Learn about its advantages and how to improve your presence on the platform. Table of Contents What does LinkedIn bring to your company? First steps to build your strategy How to plan a marketing strategy on LinkedIn? Complete the profile information Take SEO into account Use paid ads Post content frequently Search for groups of your interest Promote your page What does LinkedIn bring to your company? If your business is not yet on LinkedIn, it is time for you to analyze the benefits of the platform. Unlike the rest of the most popular social networks, this one was born with a professional approach.

First steps to build your strategy

Professionals and companies use it to promote themselves, gain visibility, search and offer employment options. It was created in 2003 and has not stopped growing since then, today it has more than Cyprus WhatsApp Number List 700 million users. It is a marketing tool that you should not ignore when promoting your business or personal brand. Thanks to its professional approach you will generate more credibility among users. Other advantages of digital marketing on LinkedIn include: Make the company’s values ​​known and improve reputation. Generate and position the corporate identity. Make known the products and services that your brand offers.

Strategy on LinkedIn  Complete the profile information

Increase the engagement of your followers. Expand your network of contacts by interacting with other companies in your niche, suppliers and clients. Attract qualified talent for your business. Get potential Mexico Phone Number List clients. These reasons should be enough to convince you to have a LinkedIn profile. But you will get more benefits, such as improving web positioning in search engines; so you must work well on the SEO of the profile. Post: 10 tips to earn more by making your clients smile #infographic First steps to build your strategy Every strategy needs clear goals; For this reason, the first thing you should do is consider your marketing objectives on LinkedIn . Why do you want to have an account on the platform? Asking yourself that question will help you shape the strategy you will follow on the social network.

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