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Strategies can be used to leverage existing customer bases

However, you have to be careful not to exaggerate the number of times you include them because you could be penalized for something known as keyword stuffing. Use synonyms, singular and plural variations, or long-tail keywords. This is one of the web positioning strategies that you should not neglect. 4. Internal links and anchor text The internal links that you include on your website will also help you in the positioning of each page. These links allow navigation through the site to be easier, therefore improving the user experience. Google rewards websites that think about Internet users. Post: 17 ideas to find content for your blog posts Place links naturally from one page to another and thus tell the search engine what content is important. To do this, choose relevant anchor texts that match the destination’s keywords – yes, we once again highlight the need for keywords. 5. Links salientes y backlinks Backlinks are links on external sites that point to your website.

Bid on your shopping campaign

The more authority the sites that link to you have, the better the search engines will rate you. Be careful with link farms , Google does not like these sites and can penalize you. Avoid paying to get links, if you Kenya Phone Number List are discovered you will not be spared either. The best links come from websites similar to yours, this is one of the SEO tricks to keep in mind. You can request them and exchange them among your contacts or generate content so interesting that readers will not resist sharing it. Consider a link building strategy and work on it to gain backlinks. As for outgoing links, even if you think that these divert traffic away from your website, it is necessary to have them. The reason is that Google, for example, will find it strange if it doesn’t find any. Always include some, even if they are few. 6. Work on Semantic SEO This trend seeks to give context to searches, making them more precise. That is, it is not just about identifying the keywords, but also identifying the meaning of the searches.

Determine the target audience

It means that to position the site you must better understand the user, in what context they make searches related to your site. This will allow you to give greater relevance to the content Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List you publish. Help  yourself by exploring what the competition is doing through tools like MOZ Toolbar or Google Adwords itself. If you need help creating a strategy, consult our SEO positioning service . 7. Worry about the content To improve organic traffic you must know your target user well and direct your publications to their profile. For search engines, the content of websites is increasingly important. With interesting publications that respond to user demands, you will get more natural links and organic traffic. Optimizing posts is necessary, but you should not work on them thinking only about SEO: always keep the user in mind. Find out what they are looking for, what their needs are and offer them the answers on your website. User search intent is increasingly relevant.

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