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How to start selling on Aliexpress?

Currently there are many marketplaces where you can sell products, whether they are your own brand or manufactured by others. At Web Positioning Salamanca we explain step by step how to start selling on AliExpress. This is a platform that is increasingly popular and where more ecommerce want to be present. Table of Contents What is AliExpress? How to start selling on Aliexpress? Sign up on the platform Add details of your company and products Mark your products in the appropriate categories Specify how you will ship your products Advantages of selling on Aliexpress What is AliExpress? AliExpress is a marketplace, that is, an e-commerce platform. This is of Chinese origin and was opened in 2010. In its beginnings it was aimed at selling products from small and medium-sized companies.

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But currently it has a large number of users and registered brands of all sizes. It has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. Especially after opening its first physical office in Europe last year 2019. It is El-Salvador Phone Number List specifically located in the city of Madrid in Spain. How to start selling on Aliexpress? If you have a virtual business and you are already working on your SEO positioning , but you want to reach more people, one option is to have a store in different marketplaces. Selling on AliExpress is not complicated. Below we explain what you should do. Sign up on the platform Before you start creating an account on AliExpress, make sure you meet the following requirements for sellers in Spain. If you are self-employed, a company or a company, you must provide personal, legal and tax information.

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If you are self-employed, you must provide the certificate of autonomous activities, model 036 or 037 and others. While if you are a company or society you must have a commercial registration note Portugal Phone Number List or Tax Identification Card. Also company ordinances and an Alipay account. Post: Google answers How long does it take to position new pages? Once you have collected the requirements, press the create account button. Then you must enter the name of the company or brand. Think very carefully, since you will only be able to modify it once after being registered. Enter the Country of registration, company or contact email and all the information requested. Next, attach the tax and legal documents that are required of you. When you send all the information your application will go to a review process .

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