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Social Media Marketing Trends 2023

The end of the year is approaching and it is time to start paying attention to the strategies you want to put into practice, as well as the updates. Find out what the 2023 social media marketing trends will be , new platforms, multisensory content and immersive experiences are some of them. Keep reading! Table of Contents What will set trends according to Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Trends 2023 Social media audio will continue to grow Authenticity will be key The short videos influencer marketing Specific content for each social network Social networks for customer service Despite the lack of trust, social commerce will continue to grow LinkedIn will continue to grow SEO in social networks What will set trends according to Hootsuite Hootsuite recently published its Social Media Trends study , where it talks about the future of social media marketing , social media commerce and social media service .

Authenticity will be key

The study differentiates some main trends, which are: Small businesses work with content creators. Budgets become more important, analysis of return on investment (ROI) is considered more USA Phone Number List necessary. The content must be  to each platform. Social commerce is having growth problems due to lack of trust. Optimization for social searches becomes relevant. Improve the focus on customer service digitally. By being well  you will have more organic traffic and the possibility of generating more conversions. Search engines are also a source of stable traffic. Others, such as social networks, attract visits in a short time, but when they reach a peak they fall. On the other hand, if you maintain good organic positioning, traffic will be more consistent and will be  over time. To optimize a blog it is necessary to work on on-page SEO and off-page SEO .

influencer marketing

In the Metaverse, audio marketing is also gaining importance. And this is also important in video elements, like Instagram Reels. Authenticity will be key Video content also relates to this, and has been trending in recent years. It is due to users’ need to see authenticity in brands’ publications . Post: How to use social media to Vietnam Phone Number List connect with a local audience Overly edited images, highly prepared videos are left aside, greater preference is given to authenticity. A good community manager can help you with this . TikTok has been a key social network for this trend, as well as Be Real, a social network founded in 2020, but which grew a lot in 2022. People are looking for content with fewer filters and content that relates more to them. This over the content so full of traditional filters on Instagram. For its part, the launch of Instagram Candid is expected, which will send notifications to users at any time asking them for a photo with both cameras.


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