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Security in WordPress 2021: How to keep your website protected

All sites on the internet are vulnerable. It could be that you have put a lot of work into this, done everything right in terms of keeping your website protected, and end up being the victim of a random hacker attack. Therefore, from Positioning Web Systems we give you security tips in WordPress 2021 . Table of Contents WordPress Vulnerabilities Security in WordPress 2021: How to keep your website  Update your WordPress, themes and plugins regularly Use HTTPs Use strong passwords Back up your site regularly Secure login or registration on your website Install a Firewall on your computer and on your website Monitor user activity What to do if my WordPress website is hacked? WordPress Vulnerabilities A study by W3Techs indicates that WordPress is  by.

HTTPs Use strong passwords

Of sites using WordPress have that is  they offer some product. Therefore, they need higher levels of security. Security problems in WordPress are not exclusive to this CMS, as we Jordan Phone Number List on the internet everyone is vulnerable to hackers. What we can do is protect our site in the best way. At WordPress they are  about maintaining the security of their CMS. Because it is not only the system, but also the plugins that are  Some of the main WordPress vulnerabilities are: Backdoor or backdoors: These are sequences of programming code that allow an  attacker to access the server. Pharma Hacks: It is a malware that shows different content to the user and the bot, it is a spam SEO attack. Malicious redirects.

Specialized attackers or hackers

XSS (Cross-site scripting) filter: They are a type of malicious infection in which malicious scripts are  into websites. Denial of Service (DDos): is an attack on the system that makes the website  UAE Phone Number List inaccessible to users. Chrome will mark sites without HTTPS protocol as insecure These are just some of the vulnerabilities that can be  by more  attackers or hackers. But your website can have problems for reasons as simple as your computer being stolen and thus stealing the data to access your website, or when accessing it from a public network they take your data. How to keep your website There are things you can do to protect your WordPress website that are routine, while others will require more processes. Update your WordPress, themes and plugins regularly WordPress makes updates from time to time that imply improvements.

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