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Secure login or registration on your website

Secure login or registration on your website Complete the security for your website access with a CAPTCHA, both when people log in and when they register on your site. Post: SEO guide for beginners: Tricks you can do in a day This will also help protect you from attempts by hackers to access your site. It also limits the number of login attempts. A hacker can try to access your website using different usernames and passwords. Block the IP address of those who try. You can also use a two-factor authentication to log in, for example Google Authenticator. Another recommendation regarding login is to rename the access URL. By default this is usually wp-admin or wp-login after your URL. If you change this you reduce the possibility of hackers trying to enter your website.

Back up your site regularly

GIPHY Install a Firewall on your computer and on your website It is important to protect your computer from threats, because you use it to log in to the administration area of ​​the website. And you could put it at Kenya Phone Number List risk if your equipment is compromised. A firewall is an application that runs on your website and analyzes any HTTP request. Filters potential threats. You can configure the rules. On your website you can install tools such as a firewall that protects it from viruses, malware and hackers. A very useful WordPress security plugin is Wordfence, it is a free and quality option. Monitor user activity Maybe you have many employees who have access to your website and who can do things they shouldn’t, such as putting up links or editing articles that they shouldn’t.

Use strong passwords

You can use WordPress plugins like Activity Log, User Activity Log, WP Activity Log. What to do if my WordPress website is hacked? Apart from knowing how to add security to WordPress, we explain how to Uk Phone Number List react if your website is hacked or compromised. Even if you follow all the advice we mentioned above, this may happen to you. Change the password of all users. Restore your website to the latest version that was not hacked. Update plugins and WordPress. These WordPress security tips 2021 will help you know how to keep your website protected. It is important to configure it in the best way to avoid problems, you can contact us if you need help to improve your site.

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