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Trust, on the other hand, is shown with credentials from content creators and the web. These can be awards, testimonials, among others. In general, create valuable content that responds to the problems of your target audience. But some on-page points to improve your EAT are: Identify the authors with a Bio. That is, each text must have a signature. Add biographical details of the writer, such as name, photo, position, contact information. Make it easy to contact you. You must have an About Us page and a Contact page. Eliminate or improve low quality content on your website. Work on your brand reputation. With this checklist for on-page SEO optimization you already know which factors to improve on your website.

Would you add other another additional

Would you add other important on-page aspects for search engine positioning? We invite you to write in our comments and ask any questions about this topic.We already mentioned social Namibia Phone Number List networks, but there are other communities such as forums or content aggregators. There are communities like Quora or Reddit that will help you link to new content and allow others to learn about it. How to get organic traffic with quality content? Applying the SEO tricks that we have just explained to you will allow you to position your website in search engines. But we should not downplay the power of content to achieve this goal. In addition to knowing your audience well and writing for them as we already said, you have to plan how, when and what you are going to publish.

A balance between quantity and quality

You can get ideas from social networks, consulting with them themselves about what they want to find on your site. To understand what users want, you can also use Google Analytics , a tool that will Chile WhatsApp Number List allow you to know where your traffic is coming from and through which pages. Other ways to take advantage of your followers to look for content ideas is to allow them to comment on your posts and send you questions that they must then answer. This has another additional benefit and that is that in the responses to the comments you can also add keywords for which you want to position. It is also advisable to write evergreen content. That is, it does not lose validity, so it does not lose the value that the publication has for readers. In everything you publish, look forĀ  .

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