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Was a difficult year, many companies had to close, others reinvented themselves. For its part, the digital world saw ecommerce sales grow and competition increased due to confinements. The next few months will not be very different, but there is a halo of hope. Knowing the SEO trends for 2021 with Web Positioning Salamanca will allow you to be at the forefront. Table of Contents Importance of user experience 5 SEO trends for 2021 Focus on the user Mobile optimization is a must Long form content Optimization for Core Web Vitals and Page Experience The SERPs will continue to change Other SEO trends for 2021 Importance of user experience It is increasingly important that SEO strategies focus on what the consumer wants and not on search engine robots.

Create content that really serves

Even Google takes search intent as well as user experience into account more than ever . For the latter, it created its new main web metrics, which join those they already had for the page experience ranking factor . Hence Ukraine Phone Number List the need for us to put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes when planning SEO strategies for 2021. To create content that really serves and is useful to you. And don’t publish because you want to position more keywords. 5 SEO trends for 2021 Being up to date with SEO trends for 2021 will allow you to surpass the competition and position yourself in the top places. But more importantly, get more conversions and leads. Which will be reflected in more income for your business.

Which will be reflected in more

You must give it to them, in a simple and easy to digest way. This is achieved with well-written content and knowing your consumers, understanding why and what they are looking for . Post: What is Germany WhatsApp Number List conversion rate optimization (CRO) and what is it for? If a person seeks advice from an expert, the search engine will give them the best results. And it will leave behind those who lack good Google EAT . The posts or pages will not be to talk much about your products or the benefits of your company. But to answer consumer questions or problems. Additionally, considering the user experience, it will be key to have a website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and displays the first content as soon as possible.

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