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How to prevent problems on your website before Christmas

Positioning your website organically in Google and other search engines takes some time, so when the months of greatest sales arrive and the holidays approach, it may not be time to start an SEO plan from scratch, but you can carry out tasks to prevent problems in your website before Christmas . Keep reading at positioning-web-salamanca.com and put them into practice. Table of Contents Most common SEO errors on websites Other errors How to prevent problems on your website before Christmas Simple errors on your site Errors detected by Google Search Console Check the links on your site Check internal redirects Protect your website Check your site speed Most common SEO errors on websites To ensure that your website is positioned in search engines, SEO optimization is key. There are aspects that are easier to optimize and other technical ones that are a little more complicated for website owners.

Identical pages such as with without redirects

Some of the most common SEO errors or problems that websites face are: Duplicate content : This can happen for a variety of reasons. In e-commerce when they are starting out, it usually happens that they copy the Belize WhatsApp Number List descriptions of the manufacturers’ products. It may also happen that you have duplicate content internally, two identical pages such as with without redirects. Lack of the alt attribute in images: it is very common, this text tells Google robots what the image is about. They are not able to see the photo, but rather interpret it through that text, which is why it is very important for your SEO. Another problem associated with images is when they are not visible. They can be damaged for different reasons.

Delete a page within your website

Failures in the meta description : although this element is not a ranking factor, it affects the number of clicks you receive. A common mistake is having duplicate or missing meta descriptions. Post: Checklist Iran WhatsApp Number List to improve the loading speed of your site in 2019 Other errors Broken links : another big SEO problem that affects your positioning. They can be internal and external, if you link to sources you should check that those sites continue to work from time to time, and if you delete a page within your website make sure to make redirects. The title or h1 of each page is key in SEO : it prevents it from being the same as the meta title, from having several h1s or from having none at all. Content problems : avoid pages with few words on your website, products or services must have good descriptions.

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