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Prepare your business to sell more during the Christmas season

It’s almost time for the most important commercial season to begin in Spain. Although you should already have your strategy in advance, here we bring you some tips to sell more during the Christmas season . Find out what the most important moments are and how to prepare to take advantage of online sales and promotions. Table of Contents Prepare your business for Christmas Most important dates of the season How to sell more during the Christmas season? Attract users to the business app Invest in digital promotions Offers free shipping Catch up on purchasing preferences Make offers and discounts Prepare your business for Christmas The last two months of the year tend to be the ones with the highest sales in most commercial niches. This is a time of personal shopping and gift-giving, and as Christmas approaches, sales increase. The last two months of the year are intense and. Therefore, it is important to be ready to have a productive season.

Attract users to the business app

Prepare sales strategies for Christmas and New Year in advance. Update the website and make sure to optimize it for SEO positioning , with seasonal keywords, for example. Synchronize sales channels, pay  Australia Phone Number List attention to each of them because consumers will be active in all of them in search of offers. According to a Google study. The majority of Spanish consumers, 66%, are willing to buy through any channel and will look for where the lowest prices are. They will buy both online and in physical stores and will take advantage of digital channels to search for information and compare prices. Keep your online store and mobile application updated. These are contact points that you should not neglect because the consumer uses them as a source of information and also to complete the purchase. Make sure you have enough stock of the products with the highest demand this season. Draw attention to your business with a Christmas atmosphere.

Invest in digital promotions

Create promotions to encourage purchases. Post: 7 common mistakes in online advertising These are some of the actions that will help you be ready to take advantage of this season. Most important dates of the season via GIPHY On the Google blog, the following dates stand out as key if you want to increase sales during this time: November 11 : It Algeria Phone Number List is known as Singles’ Day and is a new celebration that came from China. This day highlights mobile purchases and is a good time to reach consumers through the web, apps and marketplaces . And to start making offers. From November 25 to 28 : they are one of the most anticipated dates. Since it is the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday . Consumers look for the best discounts both online and in physical stores . These dates usually extend throughout the week. December 18 : The purchase of electronic items may increase around this day, since it will be the World Cup final.

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