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Can hosting virtual events or webinars help

Check the links on your site Use a tool to check your website’s backlinks, such as Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic. You will be able to see if you have incoming links that lead to pages with 404 errors, decide if it is worth reviving those pages or doing a  Check internal rCheck that your website has well-made r from the HTTP to HTTPs version of your site. This is done through a 301  which is permanent. Post: Google the guide to evaluate the quality of a site – Part II Use these redirections also for old pages, for example, if you use a landing page every year for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday you should redirect from the previous ones to the new ones.

Update the plugins and themes

Protect your website Making regular backups of your website, ideally daily, will give you greater security. You don’t have to do this manually, there are plugins for WordPress that you can Bolivia WhatsApp Number List program. Although the ideal is that you have a backup made manually, which you save on an external hard drive. You could also make backups in cPanel. Update the plugins and themes of your WordPress website . Many times these changes are made for security reasons, so it is key to the protection of your site to keep these elements up to date. You can also scan your website for viruses and malware, although if there is a serious problem it will most likely appear in Google Search Console, it is best to prevent it.

WSebinars-help Update the plugins

This gives a better experience to users and is taken into account as a ranking factor. So you should do everything you can to improve the speed of your site. Some quick and easy tasks that will help you improve Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List your site are optimizing images, checking the speed of your hosting , and getting a better plan if possible. Additionally, you can optimize your website for Google’s C they are not yet a ranking factor, they will be very helpful for your SEO and user experience. Knowing how to prevent problems on your website before. Christmas will be key if you want to get more traffic and sell more this season. Contact us if you need help optimizing your site.Check your site speed In these times. If you want to sell more, your website must load well and very quickly.

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