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How can you optimize for mobile to attract traffic?

The options that the platform gives you are: Send to everyone. To users who are not in the database or contact book. To all except some numbers you specify. Only send to the recipients you indicate. Create a catalog To improve the customer experience and facilitate your interaction with them, we recommend creating a catalog of products or services. Making a WhatsApp catalog is very simple. You just have to go to “Business Tools” and select the “Catalog” or “Add item” section. You can upload photos from your mobile gallery or use the camera option to take them at that moment.

Publications on the profiles

You should also add a brief description of each product or service you offer. Prepare your clients Many users may consider WhatsApp Business campaigns a bit intrusive. For this reason, we recommend Belarus WhatsApp Number List that you carry out outreach actions or make it known that your company now has a company profile on this platform. You can make publications on the profiles of other social networks of the company where you not only indicate that the company will now provide services through WhatsApp Business, but also the benefits that they will obtain.

Interest in a certain product

You can also notify your clients, partners and suppliers that they can now establish communication through this channel through emails. Latest WhatsApp Business updates One of the updates that will be Jamaica WhatsApp Number List  implemented within the platform in the coming months is that of a button that will facilitate the purchasing process of a user who shows interest in a certain product. This will automatically take you to the catalog without having to go to the company profile. The button will be located where the voice call button is located. While the latter can now be found within the “video call” option. Start applying these tips on how to use WhatsApp Business in digital marketing and improve your strategy. If you are looking for a team of professionals in different areas of online marketing to boost your brand, contact us to request a quote .

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