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Can offering free resources or tools help in Optimization for Core

Asking them to give you their email so you can read a post, or making it difficult to find them or buy from your store is a thing of the past. And when we talk about giving the user quality content, we don’t just mean text. Because this is not the only thing that ranks on Google. You can use videos, podcasts, infographics, whatever is most consumed by your target audience. Mobile optimization is a must The use of mobile devices has grown over the years. These are the main tool with which people navigate. Studies show that more than 60% of searches are done by smartphone. Therefore, if your website is not optimized you could be missing out on many opportunities. With mobile-first indexing, if your website is not optimized for mobile phones you will not rank .

Rally requires it  two thousand

And seek to personalize your site with a good web design . Fuente: Long form content Long-form content will serve to prove to Google a good EAT (experience, authority and trust). We talk about posts around 2000 Uruguay Phone Number List words, even 2500 or 3000. Post: Tips for combining SEO and content marketing Although this type of format should only be used if the topic really requires it. That is, if two thousand words are required to explain a topic well. It should not be used just to reach a length to position yourself. Because if you write too much without saying anything, Google will take it as low-quality content and it won’t rank. Short content and keyword stuffing are two very frowned upon practices as well.

Optimization for Core Metrics and page experience

Nowadays, your content has a better chance of ranking if it is long and detailed. Always following Google’s quality guides , which indicate that you must have the correct information. Not only the content Ghana WhatsApp Number List  must be of quality. The author has to be an expert on the subject and have authority in himself. Furthermore, both the author and the website must be trustworthy. Optimization for Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Already at the beginning we mentioned the main web metrics and page experience, this is the main SEO novelty for 2021. It is an algorithm update announced well in advance, which has made it possible to prepare for it. Websites need to prioritize them to ensure they don’t fall behind the competition. The best thing is that there are many tools available to analyze Core.

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