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How to apply seasonal online marketing?

For example, Google Lens already has more than a billion searches. This is an app that allows people to search for things they see with their mobile camera. Another option is the social network Pinterest, where 600 million visual searches are made per month. Although this type of search is just in its beginnings, you can start aiming for positioning. People take advantage of visual search for shopping, directions, identifying objects, translations, nutritional information, and more. This technology is most used by millennials and generation Z. To position yourself in visual searches you must put SEO for images into practice. The file name of the images must be descriptive and all images must have an ALT text with the keywords. Your intention should also be to position yourself on Google Images.

Online marketing a great visual impact

For this they must be of quality, be optimized and comply with what we said before. Do link building Link building is still very important and that is why we mention it in this 2022 SEO Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List optimization guide. In summary, web positioning for next year focuses on content and good inbound links . Both points are related. Without good content you will not get inbound links and without doing link building you will not be able to reach the first page of Google. Google still sees inbound links as recommendations from other sites to your website that your information is trustworthy. In short, quality content is the foundation of any SEO strategy and this starts with good keyword research. If you have good content others will share it and you will have incoming links. This is one of the ways accepted by Google to do link building, infographics and guides are a very good idea to achieve it. It is also recommended that you improve your internal link structure, so you help users navigate within your website.

People consume more during 

Optimize your website for core web vitals Google offers different tools to review the Core Web Vitals of your website, such as Google Search Console, Lighthouse, Page Speed ​​Insights. These will give Jordan Phone Number List you recommendations that allow you to improve your website for these metrics that are a ranking factor. Post: Steps to create quality content that suits Panda We have known these metrics for some time, but now it is key to improve them to position yourself: Remove interstitial ads or banners that block content. Reduce JavaScript. Implements lazy loading. Optimize and compress images. Provides the appropriate dimension of the images. Improves server response time. SEO is becoming more and more technical. One of the aspects that will be key in web positioning in 2022 will be the loading speed, this is also due to the Core Web Vitals. Websites can now experience a drop in ranking for not following best practices, including speed.

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