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How to start selling on Aliexpress

Post: How to create optimized posts for each social platform #infographic Have a monitoring system for inventory and ensure that the actual amount of products available is reflected in your store. 2. Improve on Aliexpress the speed of your website and prepare it for traffic Another idea to prepare your ecommerce for Christmas includes checking the speed of your site, Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights is a great tool for this. Your store must load well and be stable to receive a greater amount of traffic. This also has to do with your server, check that the hosting is working well and that it is ready for more visits. As for speed, improving the loading time of your website by a few seconds will avoid high bounce rates, as well as cart abandonments. In ecommerce, product photos usually slow down loading, check that they are optimized.

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By doing this you can prevent problems on your website before Christmas . 3. Mobile Optimization to Increase Your Holiday Sales Your Christmas 2021 campaign should undoubtedly include mobile optimization. Google focuses on mobile-centric indexing, as well as ensuring that websites offer a good page experience to users. Some ideas Croatia WhatsApp Number List  on how to prepare your online store to sell more on mobile are: Implement AMP: this way you can have pages that load faster on mobiles. In WordPress it is very easy to do it. Optimize image sizes for different devices. Select a responsive theme, this allows the images to automatically adapt to the screen of the visitor’s device. Optimize the payment process: if people buy from their mobile, try to make the purchasing process easier. Use only necessary calls to action, create forms that are responsive, among other details.


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People trust their peers more, which is why user-generated content is important. 5. Create a hassle-free shopping experience Today’s buyer knows that they can get what they want easily, with as few problems Malta Phone Number List as possible. Your website should meet their needs and not bother them on their way to the transaction. To do this, you must know how to prepare your ecommerce for the high season: Test the speed of your site: We already mentioned it, it is a very important aspect. Contact SEO experts to help you with this issue. Improve your online store: let web design serve to facilitate the shopping experience. Make sure your store reflects your brand, don’t give too many options or display too much information. Prefers minimalism and makes navigation easy. Prioritize the mobile experience over any other device. Use contrast to make the buttons look better. Turn on abandoned cart notificationst.

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