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Find the right keywords Keywords determine your SEO activities, and therefore, will allow you to measure the success of your strategy. Identify your organic competitors, those websites that rank for the same keywords chances of making and topics that you . Post: 14 tasks to improve your local SEO #infographic Choose your keywords carefully, depending on the search volume. Generic or short ones generally have more competition and long-tail ones, 2 or 4 words, tend to have less competition. When choosing keywords you should also consider search, informational, research, transactional and navigational intent. Depending on this you can decide if you will use them for service pages, posts, products, among others. You must include the keywords in the metadata, they must be within the content of each page.

Keywords and topics chances of making

Another relevant aspect is the H1 headings , it is the title of each page and must contain the keywords. Regarding images, it is recommended to always write the ALT text, this describes the image in a few words. It’s what search engines read when they can’t see the image. Semantic keywords (LSI) LSI keywords are synonymous phrases, commonly found near main keywords or in other parts of our post. A very simple way to search for LSIs is to do a Google search Morocco Phone Number List with your keywords and scroll to the bottom, there you will see the searches related to these. Add structured data Structured data improves your chances of making your website stand out from the rest with rich snippets and other SERP features. These standardized tags help search engines identify whether the page content contains any type of information, for example, FAQs. You can implement schema in different ways. You must make sure it is correct to avoid penalties.

SEO EAT stands for experience

Demonstrate your EAT to improve your on-page SEO EAT stands for experience, authority and trust; It is not a ranking factor, but it is part of Google’s evaluator guidelines. This is particularly important Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List on websites related to YMYL (Your Money Your Life), the health sector, investments and more. Google seeks to reward sites that produce quality content, that give the best answers to relevant questions. And sites that publish poor quality content are less visible. You can demonstrate experience as an author, that the person who creates the content is in some way an expert in the area. Authority refers to reputation. The more reputation your website, writers and content have within the industry, the better. Acknowledgments such as links, mentions, shares, and reviews will help in this matter.

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