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If you comply with the guidelines, you will be in the registry in approximately 2 or 3 days. They will let you know that your request was accepted or rejected by email. Add details of your company and products Once you exchange policiesĀ  have the AliExpress account, start filling out your profile information . Add information about the store, how they can contact you, and more. You must also prepare the list of products you are going to sell. Each one with their respective photographs and descriptions. For this you must download the Product Information Template. The option appears on the seller screen panel. It is important that the product sheet isĀ  to make it much easier for users to find them. Use keywords in their names and descriptions. In addition, we recommend that you place high-quality images and photographs.

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In addition to this, you must download the inventory and pricing templates. It is important that you keep them updated. You can adapt SEO strategies to sell more on Amazon and apply some of them Finland Phone Number List on AliExpress. They are quite effective. Post: Tips to succeed in content marketing in 2020 Mark your products in the appropriate categories The categories where you can place your products on AliExpress are very varied. Among them we can mention: Clothes and accessories. Car and motorcycle accessories. Health & Beauty. Bags and suitcases. Furniture. School and office supplies. Computers and accessories.

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Electronic components and systems. Sports and entertainment. Accessories. Food. Others. It is important that you assign the correct category to each item, since it is a way to position a product Romania Phone Number List in a Marketplace . You should be aware that depending on the category your products fall into, the commission per sale will be 5% or 8%. For example, that of footwear is 5% while that of food is 8%. Specify how you will ship your products AliExpress gives you the opportunity to create your own shipping methods . That is, you can choose the company and even the costs of the service. For this you must use specific templates where you will place all the information regarding the topic. You must specify what the return, refund, and exchange policies are like and how long the approximate arrival time of the product is at its destination.

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